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Internet Marketing 8630.html "> Sometimes it's not just to keep observing, it's also a very important process to learn to imitate." A famous man once said that success begins with imitation. But we look at the domestic network marketing will find such a problem, is a lot of web marketing webmaster always hope that they can create a new model or a way to profit, in fact, such friends still do not understand a truth, that is, the success of network marketing from imitation began, If you do not imitate to do any project is difficult to succeed, the following author to a simple online marketing how to rely on imitation and innovation and share some of their own views, I hope to help you friends.

During the Spring Festival, if you are a senior net worm will find that the major forums are crazy about a new chat site: Chatroulette, Chinese name is called chat turntable. On this site, you can randomly with a stranger video chat, most of them are foreigners, all kinds of people have, very fun. This is so powerful the site was a truant 17-year-old Russian teenager spent three days to do it. While we marvel at the talent of this teenager, don't overlook the possibility that this site will not soar from thousands of to a hundred thousand of people online, if not the overwhelming coverage of the major websites.

In fact, if you are a carefully studied network marketing staff you will find that this random video site is actually imitating another very early random text chat site, what this middle school student does is innovate in the existing model, only improve the random text chat as: text + video Way, And this kind of innovation in fact for the network marketing personnel is very worthwhile to learn, what is innovation? Not by ourselves to invent, but to add new things to the existing patterns.

For example, we are most familiar with Tencent QQ. Tencent basically has been doing cottage. Shanzhai ICQ, Shanzhai net of stealing vegetables, fake friends trading, cottage blog into space ... What is popular online, people can take it, become their own things. Although the cottage is always despised, but no software can be like Tencent such a set of all functions in one. So logically, QQ online number broke through 100 million.

Again like NetEase. NetEase started out as a mailbox, but at that time the Chinese did not often log in to use the habit of mailbox, if only rely on the mailbox is obviously unable to stay users. So NetEase's mailbox also began to launch a lot of value-added services, what network disk Ah, blog Ah, album Ah, news Ah, music playback ah, how people do they also follow dry, but also exhausted various methods for network marketing. We can see from the above case, a website wants to be successful, has the talented idea and the work is only the first step, besides also must create the good momentum, can take other people's thing to use for me. Well, said so much, finally reproduced please note the author's station, Fast weight loss method:

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