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SNS full name is social Networking services, that is, social network service, specifically designed to help people build social networks of Internet applications. In the use of a number of SNS website, the new leaf marketing staff began to the SNS marketing in-depth study:

SNS Marketing can invite his friend to become the user of this website through a certain member of the website, and make this kind of invitation benefit and aim. Remember before many sites are using a slogan, that is "if you think our site is good, then please tell your QQ friends!" (Presumably the meaning is this), although there is such a classic word on the site, but the user has no interest and purpose-driven, there will not be a lot of users really to see the site to friends, and SNS is to allow a member for a certain purpose and interests to communicate with each other. Therefore, SNS for a new generation of the Internet, but also our network marketing needs attention;

The theoretical basis of SNS social network is "six degree separation", it is a conjecture in the field of mathematics, the Chinese translation includes the following kinds: Six degree separation theory, six degree space theory and Small World theory. The six-degree space theory points out that there are no more than six people between you and any stranger, that is to say, you can know any stranger by up to six people. This is the six-degree space theory, also known as the Small World theory.

Next to the new leaves to introduce you how to detonate SNS marketing, let your network marketing effect into a new realm!

1. Establish marketing target

First of all, collect and tidy up about you (such as Business name, brand, product and so on) the marketing target namely the Community Network website address, completes the crowd analysis and the demand analysis, must always take one core thought as the main body in the entire planning process, unceasingly launches the marketing idea, like the new Leaf in five season network from registers to the consummation information all is always instilled " New Leaf "The whole core brand!"


When you have completed the registration, we suggest that you want to tell your friends in a very sincere way, and we remind you to try to add less site address, as long as you notify your friends that you come to this site can be! In the SNS community, you should add more friends, and learn to treat each friend kindly!

2, the release of the latest news


Simply bring your latest news and information, so that more friends and new users to understand your latest developments, interested people will naturally pay attention to you! (Quote from blog Marketing basic idea)

3, start the topic of detonation


When your friends accumulate a certain amount of time, you can start to provide friends with some relevant information, according to the analysis of the user groups and requirements analysis will know what they want to see the most information, what will pay attention to! As pictured above, the 5G main user group is it white-collar, Then we can start from the current financial crisis situation related to the issue of detonation!

4, tap the interests of netizens and the place of concern


Some friends start marketing on a promotional product, every day in the continuous release of the company's products, the new leaf marketing can tell you this can only backfire, especially SNS marketing, SNS the essence and the core is the social, how to arouse the interest of netizens and attention, is the most you need to dig places!

5. SNS thought and network expansion


Based on SNS core ideas, expand the network, add more friends after the dynamic will be more about you!

6. Learn to Share


Learn to share, learn to pass, SNS Network has a powerful sharing function. You can be here with friends to share the latest articles and information, not necessarily to your website or your article, if you share something useful for many people, also can increase the exposure rate, so this function can also be good to use!

7. Increase the exposure rate


If your update frequency is very high, that on the right "update user" Yonder will show your shadow, this place is like the QQ Game Hall, is the popularity of the place, so if you have the possibility, you often update your personal homepage, send an article, write a micro-blog and so on!

8. Organizing activities


If your company has events, you can publish the relevant activities here, and invite your friends to participate in, offline marketing is a high viscosity marketing, relying on SNS this activity carrier, your marketing will be more comfortable, although not all people will participate, but at least the attention of people are interested in !

9, leave your precious footprints


In the first time leave your footprints, so that the author of the article the first time to pay attention to you, and will be left behind the footprints of netizens to produce many impressions, that is, the so-called visual effects!

10. Efficient Interaction


SNS Community has an efficient interactive function, you can let your friends always pay attention to you, that is, mini blog!

11. Focus on Friends, start with comments


Comments are in chronological order, so try to grab the couch if possible!

12. Group and Topic


Group functions in the SNS community has been a relatively small area of concern, but if your group topic is fresh enough to attract people, then your marketing will play an effect!

13. The marketing idea of voting


The voting function is a little new bright spot in SNS community, all sorts of votes can let the netizen produce extremely high interest, especially your friend if more than 5000 words, that vote can be said to detonate SNS marketing one of the most effective method, because it set entertainment, comment, exaggeration and so on the technique is integrated!

Here is a new leaf vote on a topic, we can see what new marketing features!


14, the use of album function


Image Marketing is an eternal theme of network marketing, you can send funny pictures, beautiful scenery, features such as pictures. We should pay attention to in the process of image marketing as little as possible to use the watermark particularly obvious pictures, there is less use of very unclear pictures!

15, pay attention to friends, care about friends


This is the SNS marketing psychological strategic position, as long as you often pay attention to others, and often keep in touch with friends, they will often pay attention to you!

16, stay online, let friends contact you the first time


If you keep 24 hours online, then this side of the highest exposure rate, I generally open multiple SNS Web site online, even if not do the operation will be shown here, especially if someone wants to know you, will immediately add your friends!

New Leaf Summary: Good marketing needs to have good ideas and methods, SNS marketing is the focus of networking, now SNS are in the circle of people, you circle people, formed a belong to your own marketing groups, you can use precision Marketing to this group for efficient SNS marketing. New Leaf, new Marketing ( reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

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