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Building a website is a technical work, website promotion is a technical live. For the novice webmaster, the site has just been established, watching their own hard to build up the site, like watching their children, full of joy. But as time passes by, the people who visit your site chat about little, and your joy will gradually be replaced by the loss. Even if you build a personal blog, also hope that more people can see you published articles, and you share your joys and sorrows. So, the site has been built, you will yell, wine is also afraid of the alley deep Ah!

So how to yell? For the new station, it is necessary to start from the basic. If you're willing to burn money to advertise, then you can stop looking.

Site built, the first thing to do is SEO. Some people say that the SEO is very god, it looks very difficult, in fact, is not the legendary. I'll tell you what SEO is. SEO Chinese meaning search engine optimization, this optimization in the end how to do it? You might want to analyze the way the search engine works first.

When a user in the search engine to input the content of his interest, the search will be based on the user input keywords in their own database search, to find all the matching sites. I think this time, the role of SEO is reflected. If your site contains keywords that users have entered, your site will appear in search results. So you want to attract people to your site, your keywords are fastidious, first your keywords to cover the content of your site. Second, you should try to figure out the user's heart and analyze the search habits. For example, I do a lottery forum. My key words not only to have the lottery, but also to use Shuangse, lottery, lotto, lottery and other keywords, because users can not all only search the lottery, he may only focus on a color type. How to set the keyword, this can be their own thinking, there is a simple way to see similar sites using what keyword. How to see, do stand should know, do not know can come to my forum to ask me.

SEO done, your site is not illegal site, which can basically ensure that your site can be included, there may be access from the search engine, but not too much. This is because your site may not be in front of your search results. How to let the top, it depends on your site in search engine weight. Here is the SEO beyond, someone too much emphasis on SEO, said that through the SEO can let your ranking into the top 5, that is purely a kind of pull! Because of how you optimize SEO, you can not improve the site in search engine weight. To improve the weight of your site, you need to improve the value of your site. In other words, your site should have content, preferably with a certain proportion of their own content, that is, original things. This is easy to understand, if your site is to collect or turn the content of other sites, how can search engines like it? People compare search engines to spiders, the spiders crawling across the internet, and it's not hard for him to find the source of an article. Therefore, have their own content of the site rankings will naturally rely on the passage of time to form a virtuous circle. So anyway, you have to try to write some original articles. As for the value of the article, you can first do not care too much, as long as the original is good. Of course, if your article value is very high, is reproduced by many websites, the search diligently discovers the article from you here, naturally also will enhance your website the weight.

The third axe is to find ways to make more external links to your site. This is relatively simple, you can send a post to the big forum, bring your website link. Of course, do not direct advertising, so easy to be deleted, the best to use a good signature, such as "recessive" ads. Although this method is simple, it is more difficult to persevere.

Finally a few of you novice webmaster some suggestions:

First, do not arbitrarily change their website name, because the name, search engine will think your site is not stable, will reduce the weight.

Second, do not and be K's website to do links, so you may also be implicated.

Third, is also the most important point, that is perseverance, only to adhere to the last webmaster, to succeed.

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