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As expected, the new year arrived, Google's PR update time also arrived. Their two stations are expected to improve, (PR3) rose 1, (PR3) up 2, from the ease of repair of the two stations to now also half a year, although only a small increase, I am still very satisfied. My feeling is to do the right thing, to do the lasting thing, to insist. Don't think about what SEO, feel at ease to do the station.

Do not want to SEO these things think too inscrutable, a lot of people do this training is to earn the training money, he has this time early to sit up their own stand up to do what ceo,coo. SEO is to do some of the search engine to comply with their norms, simply to upgrade the PR to exchange links it, or in the post of their own add a website address signature, promote the ranking first to do their own original content well, but also to ensure that every day updates. Want the website to begin to be included, go to the big forum to send a post, let everybody know your station, this is the most direct. Other skills, those tips will be with each Baidu and Google algorithm update and failure, only to ease to do the station, do visitors like the station, do user experience good station is the hard truth. Think of a lot of successful webmaster in the site to do to realize the need to promote the site, it can be seen that their site to do with these tips and tricks do not care. Search engine's goal is to find the user to find the information, find users like the site, we just provide users want to find information, become users like the site, the search engine will certainly find you, recommend you. An expert in the industry once said that when a station of 50% of traffic from the search engine, this station is passed, if this ratio is 20% to be considered excellent. We have a long way to go. Don't worry about being a station.

Of course, do not divide, do seo these network promotion can make your site faster to let everyone know, faster to gain. But this cannot be our reason for piling up keywords and making content rubbish. In fact, it's hard to be a garbage station, at least a fool like me can't expect to make a garbage stand. I can only give myself a reason, or really is a reason, the garbage station does not last long. Have time to learn to stack keywords, send spam, send rubbish stickers, buy garbage paste software, we really do not have time settle do a good content, good experience to stand out?

New Year, hope that all webmaster's hard work has a return (including myself), Happy New Years!!!

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