NFC Marketing Case: Gap through NFC and Facebook cheers high fives

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NFC Near Field communication technology is one of the key innovation and technology services in the future, the so-called NFC near-field communication, also known as close-range wireless communication, is a kind of short-range wireless communication technology, which allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between electronic devices. has introduced a number of NFC-enabled innovations such as NFC, electronic tombstones, interactive hangers, mobile payments, and more. NFC technology is generally considered to be the most suitable combination of mobile phones. In fact, the application of NFC is far more than on mobile phones, such as the use of NFC has been a few years of history, BMW's NFC Key system provides navigation, hotel booking, ticketing and many other functions.

In Japan, we have recently found that there are many new developments in the application of NFC technology. It is no longer limited to mobile wallet applications, and is beginning to be widely used in business and marketing, and is also more valuable to retailers and marketers.

Today, to share the fast fashion brand Gap case, the gap in Japan's Harajuku and Ginza two flagship stores began a week-long "high touch" activity, competition, to compete for which store more "tide." The judges of this competition are consumers. But voting is done through links to NFC-enabled hand rings and user Facebook accounts.

When you enter the store, you will get a bracelet and be invited to stroll around and observe what the clerk is wearing. When you find a match you like, you can give a high five to the person in the suit and let your bracelet touch the smartphone he's holding. Once you get in touch, a cheer will come out of your phone, your vote will be counted, and the image of this outfit may appear in your Facebook account update.

By participating in this activity, consumers can get a hand ring made of denim and a 80 percent electronic coupon.

Of course, this is just a very basic and simple application of NFC. Pay attention to the marketing market, there will be more of its application.

Extended reading: For entrepreneurs, it's also a good idea to develop NFC marketing into a business model, as we've described in Taiwan's Open-life cloud, which uses NFC technology to combine rewards to encourage consumers to share advertising information on social networking sites.


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