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For today's enterprises, the use of network platform to shape corporate image and brand promotion has become the future enterprise Network Marketing, promotion of the mainstream trend. But it is not easy for corporate websites to stand out in the vast amount of information on the Internet. , with the increasingly mature of domestic internet, especially the popularization of network promotion service, Enterprise's cognition of Network marketing is moving from concept to pragmatism. To help enterprises to promote integration, segmentation of the target has become a small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing more urgent needs. This is also a direct birth to a new focus on the search-oriented network marketing ecosystem.

The blue Sea of enterprise network Marketing

With the appearance of a new generation of business search engines represented by Bai Bai Pigeon business search, Enterprise search marketing has entered a higher level. All parties in the industry chain are actively moving to gain greater benefits. Now, business-focus search alliances are already ubiquitous. Business Focus Search has become more and more enterprises network marketing, promotion of an important platform, in the face of timely communication can not miss the opportunity. Brando Pigeon business search through direct calls, online messages and multi-channel the latest information to cooperate in the comprehensive integration of the entire network of platform resources for the enterprise to bring upstream information search and extension services effective breakthrough.

In the niche search of the eco-circle, Bai Bai pigeons constantly strengthen the industry and trade websites and business information comprehensive web site cooperation. This is the whole value chain of the central nervous, with the help of both resources and effective information to promote the rapid use, attract many enterprises to increase the intensity of advertising, various industry sites and the search for a variety of pure green business flow of cooperation to strengthen the entire ecological circle of benign development.

Professional Business Focus Search Platform + Federation of Integrated Promotion + personalized function settings = corporate network to promote the Blue sea. is one of the best ways to help businesses use their limited capital effectively.

New concept of network marketing with innovative mode

Brando Pigeon Business Search as the current domestic first network marketing new model, through in-depth understanding of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network to promote the existence of many problems, in order to help more and more enterprises through network marketing in many of the same industry out of the shadow. The first to put forward the "focus search" concept, it is not only from the search concept to distinguish from the traditional mass search, pure E-commerce search to meet the needs of the business population, its focus on the accurate promotion of search keywords more users to provide valuable resources. December 2006, the focus of search and domestic well-known portal to reach a strategic partnership, and in October 2007 officially in the domestic leading online real-time call function, its call network covers China Telecom, Netcom, Chinese mobile, China Unicom's fixed-line, mobile phone and PHS and so on.

Buyers, product demand for users, through the business of the search engine for product searches, but also for the corporate web site has brought more and more valuable business traffic and more business opportunities. Alliance promotion, direct call, independent construction station and other diversified service functions and perfect combination of search and promotion form a complete network marketing business Circle, its core value lies in the perfect combination of all kinds of resources to achieve the maximization of network marketing revenue of Small and medium-sized enterprises. Save the Enterprise in the network promotion of every penny.

The position and use of the niche search in the network marketing ecological lithospheric

Enterprises, buyers, network service providers, partners, suppliers, distributors, related industries, such as the network environment constitutes a complete network marketing ecosystem, the development of network marketing is the process of building relationships with these environments, these relationships handled well, network marketing also fruitful.

Business focus Search from the concept of absorbing the essence of many marketing ideas, but also different from any kind of marketing ideas. The recent decade of E-commerce and network marketing development, to the business of the search to calm thinking and rational sublimation of opportunities and possibilities. Therefore, the business of the search from the beginning has a distinctive network to promote the characteristics of all previous network marketing means can not compare

In the network marketing ecological lithospheric, because it provides the whole process from the construction station, promotion, marketing to the communication transaction, one-stop service system, the search tool for the business group, determines the precise target user group for the Enterprise network promotion. Before that, any kind of marketing idea and marketing way, are in a wide range to find the target customers and business focus search will be wide range of areas through two of the integration of the formation of an unlimited open, integrated many resources, professional, limited to the business user search scope of the whole network enterprise product information search and sharing platform. Business focus search for enterprise network Marketing to provide a broad space for the development of accurate procurement groups, bringing the possibility of a larger range of transactions. These advantages have become clearer and more visible among corporate users.

The ecological circle of cooperation and mutual win

At this stage, the business of the search is gradually strengthened with a number of industry portals to cooperate, so that more and more industry portals to participate in this cooperation and win the ecological circle. It is gratifying that more and more enterprises are deeply aware of the focus of search, integration and promotion, pure green business flow on the importance of enterprise network marketing, is gradually abandoning the traditional network marketing methods, into a new niche search Network Marketing eco-chain.

To the business of Bai Bai Pigeon search for the representative of the new generation of search engines: At present, the need to take a more active posture, with a strategic vision to look at the integration of resources in order to "lengthen" the Ecological circle, "enlarge", so that fully integrated upstream and downstream resources to form a broader ecological chain, so that scoring more prosperous search.

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