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The success of a website is very important to the site planning before the site is built. In the establishment of the site should be clear the purpose of building the site, determine the function of the site, determine the size of the site, input costs, to carry out the necessary market analysis. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid the site in the construction of a lot of problems, so that the website construction can be carried out smoothly.

Site planning refers to the site before the construction of the market analysis, determine the purpose and function of the site, and according to the needs of the site construction technology, content, cost, testing, maintenance and so on to make plans. Website planning plays a role in the planning and guidance of website construction, and plays a role in positioning the content and maintenance of the website.

Web site planning contains the following:

First, the construction of the market before the site analysis (enterprises to deal with)

1, the relevant industry market is how, what the characteristics of the market, whether the Internet to carry out the company's business.
2, the main market competitor analysis, competitors online situation and its website planning, functional role.

3, the company's own conditions analysis, the company profile, market advantages, you can use the site to enhance what competitiveness, build the capacity of the website (cost, technology, manpower, etc.).

Second, the purpose of the construction site and functional positioning (enterprises to deal with themselves or with professional firms to negotiate)

1, why to set up a website, is to establish corporate image, promotional products, E-commerce, or the establishment of industry-like website? Is the basic needs of the enterprise or the extension of market development?

2, the integration of corporate resources, to determine the function of the site. Determine the functional type of the site according to the company's needs and plans:

Industry-type Web sites, application-oriented websites, commercial web sites (industry-oriented sites), E-commerce sites, corporate sites are divided into corporate image, product promotion, online marketing, customer service, E-commerce and so on.

3, according to the site function, determine the purpose of the site should be achieved.

4, the Enterprise Intranet (Intranet) construction situation and website scalability.

Third, the Website technology solution (consult with the specialized company)

According to the functions of the site to determine the site technology solutions.

1, the use of Self-built server, or leased virtual host.

2, select the operating system, with WINDOW2000/NT or Unix,linux. Analyze input cost, function, development, stability and security.

3, the use of template self-service construction station, set up the station package or personalized development.

4, Web site security measures, anti-black, anti-virus program (if the use of virtual host, then the company to do).

5, choose what kind of dynamic program and the corresponding database. such as program ASP, JSP, PHP, database SQL, ACCESS, Oracle and so on.

Iv. website content and implementation method (consult with professional firms)

1, according to the purpose of the site to determine the structure of the site navigation.

General Enterprise-type website should include: Company profile, Enterprise dynamics, product introduction, customer service, contact information, online message and other basic content. More such as: FAQ, marketing Network, recruitment, online forum, English version and so on.

2, according to the purpose and content of the site to determine the site integration function.

such as Flash guide page, membership system, online shopping system, online payment, questionnaire survey system, online payment, information search query system, flow statistics system.

3, determine the structure of the site's navigation in each channel of the sub-column.

such as company profile can include: President speech, development process, corporate culture, core advantages, production base, science and technology research and development, partners, major customers, customer evaluation, etc. customer service can include: Service hotline, service purposes, service items.

4, to determine the way the content of the site.

Whether the product center uses the dynamic program database or the static page, the marketing network uses the list method or the map display.

V. Web Design

1, web design art design requirements, Web page art design generally with the overall image of the company, to comply with enterprise CI norms. Should pay attention to the webpage color, the picture application and the layout plan, maintains the page the overall consistency.

2, in the adoption of new technologies to consider the main target audience distribution area, age class, network speed, reading habits.

3, the establishment of the Web page revision plan, such as six months to one year time for large-scale revision.

Vi. Cost estimates

1, 25058.html "The initial budget of the cost of establishing the station for > Enterprise"

Generally according to the size of the enterprise, the purpose of the station, the approval of the superior.

2, the professional establishment of the station to provide detailed functional description and quotes, the company to carry out a cost-effective study.

3, the price of the website from thousands of yuan to a hundred thousand of Yuan. If the template-type self-service construction station (Enterprise's website regardless of size, must have exclusivity, if stereotyped to the impact of corporate image is great) and profiteering factors, the cost of the site construction is generally proportional to the functional requirements.

VII. Website Maintenance

1, server and related hardware and software maintenance, to the possible problems of assessment, to develop response time.

2, database maintenance, effective use of data is the site maintenance of important content, so the maintenance of the database should be valued.

3, the content of the update, adjustment and so on.

4, the establishment of relevant Web site maintenance provisions, the site maintenance of institutionalized, standardized.

5, note: The maintenance of dynamic information is usually arranged by the enterprise corresponding personnel to update the online management; static information (that is, no dynamic program database support) can be maintained by professional firms.

VIII. website Test

The website should be carefully tested before it is released to ensure normal browsing and use. Main test content:

1, text, pictures whether there are errors.

2, procedures and database testing.

3, link whether there are errors.

IX. website Publishing and promotion

The above is the main content of the website planning, according to different requirements and the purpose of the site, content will also increase or decrease. In the beginning of the construction site must be carefully planned to achieve the desired purpose of the station.

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