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At the point of the stone to see the level of KYW China seoer, it is very interesting, so want to write a Chinese network to make money level. Unlike KYW, he is a master can stand at a very high level to look at various types of people, and my perspective is smaller, only write I can see and know the people and things.

Before I want to say to the master: I will certainly ignore the existence of some people, although I often see about you only do a few pages of the station every month there are hundreds of thousands of or millions of dollars in the article, but I do not know you, so it is not listed here I hope you do not angry, do not scold me a short-sighted or a frog in the well.

I prefer the membership level used in the publishers ' Forum, so find a few more representative adjectives from there.

1, please care more

This is a novice group, most of them received one or two times a small amount of money, or already have income but did not meet the payment criteria, or never received money, they will be on the quiet water and tong envy.

Novice usually do not have any successful site, personal site or blog a day rarely have dozens of IP, the situation slightly better webmaster Day may have thousands of PV flow. Such people often listen to a league that is very lucrative and constantly changing the ads, and often have a dream of making dozens of dollars with a click, because his friend's friends say there is such a thing.

Estimated quantity: 50000-100000

Little Dragon's proposal: Put your mind on the website construction, in your site has no obvious effect before trying to consider advertising, if you want to put ads as far as possible choose a large advertising alliance, such as Google Adsense, Baidu theme promotion and Ali mother, Don't listen to advertising companies that can make you a millionaire by multi-level marketing, and don't try to cheat.

2, knife

Medium-sized site, in a more confused period of the group. The site has a good reputation and traffic, but through advertising revenue often can not make their own satisfaction, and advertising revenue to their own importance is not high, the smooth time through different advertising alliance received 1000 or thousands of of income.

Because the impact is not small, so the attention level of the network advertising is not high, even the focus on advertising is difficult to adhere to the analysis, not to mention the advertising research.

Estimated quantity: 5000-10000

Little Dragon's suggestion: This is a better state, for personal webmaster, the center of gravity should still be on the site, unless the development of the site encountered a relatively large limit. The launch of online advertising to some extent will affect the development of the site, the necessary time to find some support, such as to more familiar with the network advertising on the people consulted, you can also consider advertising to the advertising agency.


This is a very nourishing group of people, they have a very successful website or advertising business, publishers forum There are many such webmaster, they can from different advertisers to get tens of thousands of yuan of advertising revenue, but also through commercial operations to expand income again. But the cost of such a site is also heavier, if it is through the business Operation management costs will increase.

Different people have different attitudes towards money, have satisfied the status quo, there is the development of the map. This kind of stationmaster is in a contradictory period, let their confusion is to want to do bigger, or is not worth devoting more energy, they have enough money to enjoy life rather than live with the browser all day.

Estimated quantity: 500-1000

Little Dragon's suggestion: with Kai-Fu Lee said is to follow my heart, not too harsh themselves, this is the fate of personal webmaster. Further is the endless annoyance, or the confusing commercialization. That is not necessarily what you want, Discuz Dai open his little BMW days are not necessarily more moist than before, the status of the outdated Dong Qin peaks let a lot of people envy is not only income, more is his freedom.

4. Perfection

Domestic rare personal webmaster, there are also legends of the characters, they are very low-key, just like the hao123 AdSense month to make millions of people do not exist in the lake. A monthly income of hundreds of thousands of or millions is already the goal of many commercial sites, not to mention the cost of personal webmaster relatively low.

They are also the masters of online advertising and search engine optimization, or they are already operating in a similar way to commercial companies.

Estimated quantity: 50 or so

50 of the number or a few years ago, 265 of Cai said, such a webmaster is not much known outside. Although we often hear the legendary stories of such people.

Dragon's advice: adhere to the low-key, reasonable development alliance and foreign cooperation, at the same time broaden their horizons. The world is changing fast, today is your tomorrow may be gone.

5, the Pinnacle

They are no longer the webmaster, but they are still individuals, they do things related to the site, their income is not usually calculated in months. They are more powerful people on the Chinese Internet, and they can control the power and trends of the network through the operation of funds.

Estimated quantity: I don't know.

Little Dragon's advice: no suggestion, or you give me advice.

Dear Webmaster, Compare the above introduction to see what level you belong to? (Zebian Admin01)

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