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    at the beginning of 2009, the 3G license was officially released, opening up the curtain of China's 3G era. Mobile business service industry relies on the gradual improvement of the communication environment and more advanced mobile technology, accelerate the pace of subversion of traditional industry models, financial insurance, Internet, FMCG and other industries pioneered the introduction of mobile business services based on the account change notification SMS, password retrieve SMS, MMS Journal and other Services, and quickly get positive feedback from users. The pharmaceutical industry has also boarded the mobile business train, actively using mobile information technology to expand service ideas, improve service quality, in the fierce competition in the market environment to enhance strength and seek long-term development.

    Conference marketing is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry marketing model, after years of development, the line of pharmaceutical sales pattern has become more mature, but the trend of the white-hot market competition environment, prompting the pharmaceutical enterprises to continue to absorb the successful experience of other industries to carry out marketing reform. The advent of mobile commerce products and services has provided a strong support for pharmaceutical enterprises, and has become a new bright spot for marketing.

    billion soft short color platform services, that is, in the context of fully understand the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the development and completion of the pharmaceutical industry meeting marketing needs of the mobile business solutions, using SMS and MMS services, The pharmaceutical enterprise will sell the management system and the billion-American short color platform of SMS, MMS and WAP functions combined to help pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve user-friendly and personalized interaction.

    According to the director of a well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, according to the traditional conference marketing process, the company employees after the confirmation session to the customer telephone solicitation, and then door-to-door send letter and two calls to confirm whether the customer received the invitation, the meeting to register the details of the customer, Meet the staff and customers are not familiar with the situation and repeatedly approved; After the beginning of the meeting will normally have interactive links, customers to experts on-site questions for product advice, interspersed with common medical problems and methods of voting activities, in addition to the lottery game active atmosphere, these links are to be completed by hand, Information back and forth and statistics for a long time, often the scene of the meeting silence.

    using the short color platform service, the customer receives the MMS meeting invitation a few days before the meeting starts, informs the customer meeting time, the place, the transportation route and so on information, the information transmission time is fast, and effectively direct to the customer, replaces the originally time-consuming consuming power communication way Meeting on the day after the arrival of the site, can be through SMS or MMS two-dimensional code on-site scanning, easy to complete the check-in, not only save manual and accurate and fast, at the same time sign in the mobile phone number directly into the database, for the activities of interactive lottery and other links, guests can also send text messages to a fixed number, in the field questions and votes.

  &NBsp; From the phone invitation to sign up, development to a short MMS will invite automatic check-in, manually draw from the manual to ask questions computer scrolling lottery, the introduction of billion-US short color platform mobile business applications will be sold to upgrade to "novel form, efficient real-time, simple to use" of the new 3G ERA conference sales, on-site activities more fun and participation, To provide customers with a fresh experience, greatly enhance the quality of service, bringing more than expected marketing results.

    In addition to the mobile application of conference marketing, billion beauty short color platform for pharmaceutical enterprise customer relationship management, enterprise internal information communication and corporate culture to provide personalized and efficient mobile business services for enterprises to improve internal management efficiency, Enhance cohesion and so on have a positive effect.

    with people's attention to life and health and the continuous improvement of quality of life, the pharmaceutical industry ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development at the same time the industry competition will be more intense, accelerate the construction of enterprise information, the application of new media marketing will become pharmaceutical enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, Perfect marketing strategy, seize the commanding point of the market, a magic weapon, enterprise short color platform to meet the medical enterprise Mobile information needs, expand the marketing means to achieve communication and interaction with customers, promote pharmaceutical enterprises to win a broader market.

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