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In order to allow consumers to pay more, continue to enhance or strengthen the brand's reputation and reputation, maintain customer loyalty, over the years, manufacturers, marketing organizations, planners, consultants and experts and scholars have pondered a set of marketing tools, forming a variety of marketing ideas and theoretical schools, from experiential marketing, one-on-one marketing, relationship marketing , chain, Brand marketing, deep marketing, to network marketing, integrated marketing, direct sales, database marketing, cultural marketing and so on, unaware of a camp huge "marketing family." In the history of business, many classic marketing cases can see their active figure.

Jiangshan generation has talent out, each lead coquettish hundreds of years. Marketing, like people, metabolism also seems to constitute a classic historical law. The widespread popularization of the Internet, people's access to product information to the Internet transfer, small-scale advertising has been difficult to produce results, whether it is a multinational large enterprises and well-known brands, or in the growth and start-up stage of small and medium-sized enterprises, are struggling to find new marketing means and dissemination of the road.

Before the demand has been created, the explorers are on their way, and there are a lot of them that can be categorized as follows.

(1) Brand network advertising to Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase and other well-known integrated portals and search rooms, China Automotive Network, Silicon Valley power, Pacific and other front-line industry websites.

(2) keyword ads, or search engine marketing, keyword bidding rankings, SEO (Search engine Optimization), Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other major.

(3) E-commerce platform to promote, to HC and other Third-party E-commerce service providers (business-to-business E-commerce platform), providing a trading pass and other standardized products and personalized services.

(4) Advertising Alliance and narrow, that is, through a system can be advertisers need to put the promotion of information published to multiple sites, to a large number of advertising alliances and narrow network, China commercial Telecommunications, Xinhua Mei Tong Mainly, the former two are generally published text chain and picture ads, the latter two (China commercial telecommunications and new Huamei Qualcomm) Is the release of soft text and reports. Now there is a large number of community-oriented, blog to promote the dissemination of information services providers, such as Qihoo, banner, wo Media.

(5) Mass software, such as mass mailing, bulk SMS, BBS post mass, supply/demand/opportunity information Mass, group of comments, blog mass, QQ Mass, MSN Mass, etc., this piece of wide range of popularity, the user's use rate is very high, but difficult to achieve.

(6) Self-Service building station and self-help promotion, this marketing tool has a certain niche market, but also difficult to make a point.

(7) Network integrated marketing communication, this kind of marketing play basically will Schultz "integrated marketing Communication" moved to the network, but also equivalent to the front of the network advertising, keyword marketing, e-commerce platform promotion and other strategies are taken into account the enterprise marketing and brand communication plan, and joined the news marketing, interactive marketing, Community Marketing, Word-of-mouth Marketing and many other new marketing elements. This one is to win the new Marketing communication organization FEA mainly.

"FEA" is "focus", "event", "activities" three words of the initials, that is, topic marketing, event marketing and activity marketing. Take apart, the topic of marketing, event marketing, activity marketing is also being favored by many pioneer enterprises, but most of the enterprises are piecemeal, it is difficult to form a scale advantage, in the dissemination of the effect and the momentum of a major discount. If the three are integrated together to do, and mainly rely on network channels to launch a campaign and media PR, through the network community and community Interactive marketing, triggering word-of-mouth transmission, and ultimately radiation to the entire network media circle and print media, its power will be extraordinary.

At the same time, network communication in the interactive, personalized, unlimited capacity and other aspects of the characteristics, so that network integration Marketing Communication (FEA) is even more powerful.

Not only that, the network media and interactive community media, electronic media in the cost of far less than the plane, outdoor and television media, such a cost advantage, so that more SMEs have more choices.

Further down, wireless marketing estimates will occupy a new high, while the traditional classical marketing theory and ideas have a lot to learn from, and will not change with the tool and technology innovation and outdated, and aging. Marketing tools, tools and communication channels of continuous innovation, for small and medium-sized enterprises, is not only a great blessing to break through, but also a headache thing. The good thing is that there are more strategies and play, the promotion of new products and brand awareness of the mold has more methods; the bad side lies in the way of marketing, which is really a big brain.

Dung Suming, the chief partner to win the Channel, said that for most enterprises in the entrepreneurial period, long-term, adolescence, even gestation period of the enterprise, if the main products for the consumer groups have a certain amount of Internet users, the use of a variety of network marketing and network communication tools to promote products is worth considering and try, In particular, leveraging marketing strategies such as topic marketing, event marketing and activity marketing. On the one hand, the cost is not high, but also controllable, on the other hand, the implementation of simple, there is no effect will soon see, can adjust the marketing practices and implementation progress.

And enterprises generally do not need to form such a professional team, can be used to outsource the way, not only save human costs, office costs, management costs and related hardware and software costs, but also with the industry's most professional senior people's collective wisdom, through the Internet to launch topic marketing, Event marketing and Activity Marketing Network integrated marketing communication, the success rate can reach almost 100%.

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