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Various micro-Blog not real name certification, can only see, can not comment, can not be forwarded ... For just beginning to play micro Bo Miiseo Laboratory Small Sea, recently also found Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase micro bo four micro Bo to the new registered account must be a real name certification, submit ID number and mobile phone number and other information, through the audit can be successfully registered. After the real-name authentication of mobile phone number, micro-Bo also implement the true identity certification, and this for doing micro-blog marketing practitioners, is a heavy blow!

March 16, micro-BO Real-name certification of personal microblogging marketing, business micro-blog marketing bring about what impact and change?

1. Micro-blogging speech, the volume of reprint significantly reduced

Micro-BO Real-name certification brings the most serious consequences is the micro-blog speech, reprinted significantly reduced. After all, the network is a virtual, unstable environment, a large number of netizens are worried about their real identity information leakage, thus rejecting the name certification. So, there will be a large number can only focus on, can not speak, comments, reproduced fans. Whether for personal microblogging marketing, or enterprise microblogging marketing, microblogging marketing is the real significance of the use of a large number of microblogging user group comments, forwarding and other interactive forms, in a short time to enable more people to understand their products or enterprises. In a large number of groups to cancel the interaction, personal microblogging marketing, corporate micro-blog marketing results will be greatly reduced.

2. The Navy sank, zombie powder disappeared

Now Weibo marketing strategy is still to "tactics", in order to increase popularity in the shortest time, regardless of personal micro-blog, or corporate micro-blog will be through special means to buy "zombie powder" to achieve. Real-name certification, "Zombie powder" will be a large number of reduction, the Navy's micro-blog account through the real name certification will also be reduced to the general "zombie powder." Personal microblogs and corporate microblogs have been forced to devote more effort to increasing the number of fans after the real-name certification. This will also increase the personal microblogging marketing and business micro-blog marketing difficult, the benefits of the Navy will also have a large shrinkage.

3. Purify speech, reduce malicious attacks

After Guo Meimei's incident, whether it is netizens, or micro-blogging institutions themselves more and more attention to the microblogging user's real name certification. Weibo currently has a false hype products, malicious attack competitors and so on. Real-name authentication, similar to this situation, there should be obvious convergence. On Weibo, all the information you see will be truer and more purified. On the side, but also to personal micro-blog, corporate micro-blog marketing to create a more real information, no malicious attack of the development environment.

After the real name authentication, the speech, the reprint quantity is few; "Zombie powder" also gradually disappear, the speech environment more purified. Real-Name certification brings about the impact and change, on the individual micro-blog, Enterprise Micro Bo marketing is a shock, but also a new challenge. So, how can we resist the impact, meet new challenges, and smoothly walk the way of Weibo marketing?

Personal microblog, Enterprise Micro-blog, if you want to smooth the way of Weibo marketing, you must change the original "tactics", full use of real-name authentication to the users of the authenticity and credibility of the information to dig into the user's attention to the content characteristics, consumer demand, personality and hobbies and other resources. Strengthen the microblogging content and user experience interaction two aspects, develop more accurate marketing planning, can win more microblogging users of the favor. (In the text if there are improper place also please webmaster friends more advice!)

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