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The same is begging, some old man will be able to earn a monthly income million for the descendants of the two-storey small villas, some people can only look at the eyes and knee; the same is the food and beverage industry, the face of the world to embrace the internet reality, Xiang-e sentiment fell a long time to abandon the traditional catering industry, fully packaged, from the Internet, the seabed fishing is relying on micro-blog activities, The user's first service model makes the Internet a tool for self-industry breakthrough ... What's the difference between them?

Industries that rely entirely on the internet to survive (such as Taobao, Jingdong, etc.), often than the corresponding traditional industry form much better (such as Suning, Gome, etc.), but the catering industry is different from other industries, catering must be completed under the line of this feature to the line of food enough to turn over space, The chances of success in traditional industries embracing the Internet are much greater.

Xiang-e situation to receive fast-sowing staff, renamed the "China Branch Cloud Network", abandoned food 0 start the Internet

Let's take a look at the food and beverage assets and earnings figures for the last few years. December 31, 2012, net assets 8.8742 million, net profit 5.1205 million; December 31, 2013, net assets 413,300, net profit-1.1609 million; 3721.html > April 30, 2014, net assets-529,100, profit-942,400; in 2013, the results showed that revenue was 802 million, down 41.19% from 2012. Net loss of 564 million yuan, is the most serious loss in history of the year, Xiang-e sentiment in the loss of more than 10 stores in succession, but also from the beginning of the 2013 Xiang E began to buy Internet-related industries, and gradually involved in film and television and the Internet and other industries, eventually to achieve a comprehensive turn to the Internet, but the ground up to the traditional industry is always not so simple.

Suning, gome after the great impact of the Internet to choose the trend to embrace the Internet, suning with a pair of large shelves to sell, a huge loss of the outcome of the relatively conservative Gome also did not see the signs of profit improvement, perhaps the traditional enterprise itself has incompatible with the Internet gene?

Catering industry is the opposite, a beef brisket by micro-blog marketing, a pancake fruit, a meat folder steamed all according to the potential of internet thinking, hot pot seabed fishing is the most typical of the Internet marketing tool case.

The use of micro-blog marketing, video, User Service as the core eventually to develop the Internet into a powerful marketing tool

When it comes to seabed fishing, the first thing people think of is impeccable service, its internal staff have been blasting material, seabed fishing every employee why all the intentions in doing services, providing are family services, the key is to have moved staff management, in other words, they have formed a family, moving the corporate culture.

"I have eaten two plates of fruit, the tray empty after the waiter unexpectedly added a plate", "want to eat the leftover watermelon packaging away, by the seabed fishing staff to prevent, replace the whole watermelon" ... Seabed fishing to do the best or service, can give users the same warm feeling of catering services, you can ask more?

And for embracing the Internet, the action of the seabed fishing is also successful, in the micro-broad hot time to play micro-blog activities, using video sharing to promote user participation ... But all this is based on the seabed fishing itself has been recognized by new and old users of the service system.

For catering industry, the traditional enterprises more dominant, do a good job + Internet Tools, the development prospects will not be poor.

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