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Every year the Mid-Autumn Festival, the major search will be replaced logo. This year is no exception, but, several major search engines invariably chose the animals, suddenly feel that the mid-Autumn Festival has become an animal carnival.

One, Baidu

Baidu this year's Mid-Autumn Festival logo selected is four rabbits, one on the rolling moon, Carnival music. In addition, click on Baidu's logo, will also pop up a page, which has "real-time Rise", "The Global Full Moon", "Lunar landscape" and "My Mid-Autumn Festival" four sections. It is reported that the works of 23 photographers are on display here.

Two, Sogou

Sohu this year logo choice is three monkeys, one from the tree down, happy fishing month, staged a "monkey fishing month" Carnival scene.

Three, 360 search

360 Search this year logo choice of the Mid-Autumn Festival is three rabbits, a whisper to each other, enjoyable. See, these three rabbits represent the rabbit father, rabbit mother and Rabbit, the family of three, intimate.

Four, Google

For some reason, this year "> Google China in the mainland can not visit, only in Google Blackboard blog and micro-blog to see the Google Mid-Autumn Festival logo." Unexpectedly, Google logo also selected is "three rabbits", but Google's rabbit is a light brown rabbit. Some joke said: Google logo three light brown rabbit is not want to climb to the moon-to "wash the white" himself?

In short, this year, the above four search engines have chosen animal modelling, it is inevitable that people feel like animal carnival. However, perhaps that expresses everyone's voice: people and nature in harmony, the world sentient beings with the appreciation of the Moon ~ (Author: Chen Yongdong, new media researcher, email:

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