Seated network is on the verge of collapse China group buying Road

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Recently, seated network has been exposed to the situation of capital tension, but also arrears of hundreds of merchants in the payment. Currently the seated network has been suspended service. It is understood that the headquarters in Beijing has been empty, a number of merchants to loot among the valuables. At present, seated network customer service phone is always unanswered. Seated network is after 24 coupons, group treasure net after the collapse of another large group purchase site. Group buying website constantly closed down, the industry reshuffle intensified, which can not help to arouse the close attention of the industry insiders. Where is the future of China group buying industry? China Electronic Commerce Research Center has specially produced the exclusive topic--"from the seated network capital chain break perspective China buys the future road where" (see: According to China Electronic Commerce Research Center data shows, Seated network user complaints are mainly divided into the following three categories: Refund problem: August 03, 2013 Consumer complaints seated NET refund a drag and drop false group purchase: July 30, 2013 seated net buy restaurant shop has long been transferred customer service: July 16, 2013 seated net refund difficult to become the normal Web site reply did not quasi-trusteeship seated Network official website has been announced on August 2, 2013 suspended clothing Police。 Specific opening time to be determined. After the collapse, there is a large number of arrears of businesses and consumers Rob empty office situation. The events were reported by the major media. According to the website, June 7, 2010 seated Network officially online, with the local consumer interactive platform for the big slogan, as the most intimate information interactive web site, in the domestic scale, category all occupy the industry leading position of local life consumption, information services E-commerce platform. (Text/Livia)
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