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On February 7, I published some opinions about the network promotion post in medical sem (the Hand of SEM). Strictly speaking, today's topic-Weibo marketing should belong to the category of network promotion, the reason is to put forward the micro-blog marketing alone, because in the medical this special industry, rashly use a new network marketing means will bring what kind of consequences, not the author can be foreseen, so this article put forward the operation of ideas, For reference only.

"Wandering in the micro-bo marketing outside the door-medical SEM industry concerns"

In the medical SEM industry, many marketing tools need to be considered. As the author in the "Sem of the medical network to promote the hand" mentioned in the same way, the network to promote the means there are many ways, but can be effective and will not cause undesirable consequences are very few. Micro Bo This emerging product, its high timeliness, high interactivity, high communication and high coverage of the traditional network marketing means exclaiming, but also let countless enterprises opened the door. But even under such seductive conditions, most of the SEM people in the medical profession remain on the sidelines, even if they are eating crabs.

The particularity and limitation of medical treatment directly leads to the cautious style of the industry, especially the micro-blog which is faster than the transmission speed of the cold virus. In addition, the medical industry's audiences generally to local visitors as the main, so now in a lot of medical sem impression of people, micro-bo marketing is a chicken-like existence, food tasteless, abandoned it is not a pity. Not only have to take risks at all times, but also need to spend manpower and time to update and maintain micro-blog, so now the medical sector in the medical institutions, especially the hospital for micro-BO marketing cases such as rare.

"Policy orientation, opportunities outweigh risks"

March 16 for the duration of the micro-BO real-name certification should be the 2012 China's largest Internet news event. The author believes that the micro-BO real-name certification, the medical industry to develop micro-BO marketing channels is a very good opportunity. After the real-name certification, zombie powder has no existing value significance, and each micro-blog and broadcast can be traced back. If a medical institution's certified microblog has 10,000 local certified individual fans, and these fans are listening voluntarily, the probability that the 10,000 fans can tap and convert to a diagnosis will be unmatched by any medical SEM.


"Figure 2"

January 17, 2012, Gansu province's government micro-blog Matrix online, as well as the Gansu Health system people Weibo matrix (Figure 3).


"Figure 3"

"Superstructure determines ideology". Gansu Health System to open the micro-blog matrix has been very clear to express their attitude, is the use of micro-Bo to build a platform for dialogue between users and hospitals. Such precedent will soon spread across the country.

Liu in the "Gansu Medical and Health system open Micro Bo Practice and exploration," A word mentioned in the article, is "micro-BO is the guiding medical platform for the masses." "I believe this sentence for the medical industry SEM people, the future is conceivable." In the micro-bo real-name System and Gansu province, the first micro-Bo matrix two of the following major events, the author believes that the medical and health institutions, especially the hospital and even the department of Micro-Bo marketing the advent of the trend, especially in the policy-oriented conditions, is bound to come.

"Let Weibo be your thigh."

The author said in the previous article, the medical institutions of micro-BO marketing wave will soon rise. But there will be a lot of medical sem people do not value micro-blogging marketing, at best, the microblogging as an image project. Indeed, a benign microblog requires someone to renew and maintain, and many medical institutions will abandon the microblog after it is opened. Theft is not desirable, the current medical industry's SEM channel is limited to its own website and search engine promotion, is very passive network marketing, and competition is extremely fierce.

Microblogging marketing can be said that we can open up another battlefield. Passive network marketing to become active, or even interactive, this is not only in line with the characteristics of Weibo marketing, but also the medical industry will be the reform.

Therefore, I think should not be to the micro-blog marketing approach, or put it on the shelf, but should be full or even long play the advantages of Weibo, in the existing network marketing channels, based on the micro-Bo marketing in an equally important position, Finally let Weibo marketing become an independent walking thigh to support the entire network marketing.

"Special industry special microblogging marketing"

Unlike celebrity Weibo or other corporate microblogs, the health-care sector has led to an unusual pattern of microblogging marketing. We can not use a word, a picture will be able to attract other people's attention, not to mention if the conversion to the diagnosis, the author believes that we should first know the particularity of medical institutions and the role of micro-Bo, followed by the attention of the target audience, and then if the need to trigger the user, The final key is to turn the medical profession into a practical diagnosis.

①, particularity and function

The author thinks, the medical profession regardless is through which kind of network marketing means, its most is also the most important value is its own brand awareness building and influence construction. Whether in private hospitals or in public hospitals have been confirmed, a hospital first marketing is its own brand, followed by marketing their own technology. Then the micro-blog of medical institutions, its particularity is that it is not only a platform for communication, but also a perfect place to create their own brand effects. Perhaps through the media, television advertising, Web sites, auction promotion or more ways to let some users know that your hospital and the formation of brand psychology, need a lot of cost input, but the unique advantages of Weibo communication can make the hospital brand effect through a good cycle of rapid growth. The micro-blog of medical institutions, not only if a brand to shape the place, it also has information transmission, image PR, event timely marketing, user data collection and the many role of dialogue with patients.

Through Weibo, the hospital's dynamic, news, technology, experts, cases, activities, preferential policies, such as a series of information pushed out, so that the popularity of the hospital has increased; Weibo can also be used as a public-oriented image public relations, to carry out event marketing and deal with the crisis of emergency public relations; for the timeliness of micro-blogging, Low cost, easy to operate, the hospital's preferential activities, promotional information, business promotion, patient feedback and so on a series of timely marketing behavior, can be completed through Micro Bo this platform; By interacting with Weibo fans, we can understand and collect data about our potential patients, and we can explore and analyze the behavior of our opponents by observing the micro blog Dynamics of competitors in the same industry, and the last one, which is also critical, is that we can communicate and communicate with patients in time through Weibo. Until the final conversion to the appointment to the diagnosis.

②, attract the attention of the target audience

After we have known the role and importance of microblogging marketing, how should we conduct microblog marketing? The initiative and interactivity between microblogging, and search engine marketing is not the same, our first implementation is to attract the attention of other users, and then to consider how to filter the user and transformation. Let's look at Figure 4 and figure 5 below.


"Figure 4"


"Figure 5"

Figure 4 and Figure 5 are from an officially certified microblog at a infertility hospital in Sina Weibo. It is stated here that the author is not the network marketing staff of the hospital, the reason why the above 2 map is not fuzzy processing, it needs to be detailed.

All right, look at these two tweets, what can you think of? The microblogging content of the infertility hospital is not all about "do you want a cute baby?" just come to XXX hospital!, "infertility treatment will come to XXX hospital, round your reunion dream!" Similar microblogging content, such micro-blog content with obvious advertising nature, not only will not arouse the attention of other users, but will make life annoying.

Figure 4 and Figure 5 are the text and picture of the micro-blog information, without exception to the implication of this layer of meaning: with children, there will be their own future years after the protection and happiness. So latent meaning, all people will understand, such a way of causing the potential resonance of the marketing way, not to say is very accurate in place, not only will not cause the potential patient user's heart tingling and disgust, more reflect a touch of warm feeling.

The user experience is the detail. The author in the "Sem of the Medical network editor's hand", said that the content of the article to the user experience. Similarly, the content of micro-blog more requirements to pay attention to user experience, a short 140 words of text restrictions, all the nuances of the user's eyes, micro-bo user experience, is the details.


"Figure 6"

In the microblog of Figure 6, the topic of "Family happiness" leads to content. The meaning of "family reunion" need not be explained to us. Below the gray banner also did not have the obvious advertisement slogan, but uses the warm utterance to trigger the user's psychological resonance, the final picture in the bottom right corner is the hospital's logo and the hospital's microblog name, also is the hospital name. Believe that such a focus on user experience details of the certification microblogging, will certainly win the majority of users and follow, we look at Figure 7, with real data to authenticate this view.


"Figure 7"

By the time of this article, the hospital Weibo fans have reached 239953 people. What I want to say here is that perhaps we can not attach too much importance to the user experience and through the method of SEO or bid to promote the way to let users come to our site, but for micro-blog marketing, content and interaction is everything, the user experience is fundamental, the same, the user's following procedure is also the best example of user experience microblogging.

③, trigger the user's needs

Whether it is television advertising, newspaper media or network promotion, users are active choice to trigger the demand. Micro-Blog Marketing subversion of the user needs to trigger the way, the user initiative for two-way initiative. We can publish a microblogging to attract users, we can also go to the user's microblog to comment or forward to achieve network marketing.


"Figure 8"

Figure 8 is the official certification microblog of a male division hospital of Sina Weibo. The microblogging push style is very obvious, is the male general attention to the disease as a separate topic, with the map of the same time with its own site URL. Such a simple and effective way, do not need to do the preparatory content or trigger resonance, directly to male disease to cause the needs of potential patients, is quite effective one way.


"Figure 9"


"Figure 10"

Similarly, figure 9 and fig. 10 are the micro-blogging content of a gynecological hospital, which is slightly obscure compared with the microblog style of the male hospital. Of course, gynecological diseases of the implied nature than the male side is much stronger, so such a delivery content, also can cause a potential demand for patients with empathy, the effect will not be worse than the male hospital.

④, Weibo transformation to diagnosis

Through the preparatory stage and preparation, it is necessary to use micro-bo to carry out the transformation to the diagnosis of the key, after all, the medical profession the ultimate goal is this. At this point we need only through the public relations and event marketing nature of the micro-blog content, you can directly bring out the needs of users to dig out.


"Figure 11"


"Figure 12"

In my opinion, the transformation to the diagnosis of this step, is the entire medical micro-blog Marketing The most straightforward, we are prepared on Weibo all the work, but also for this step, it can be said that this step is the most difficult and most tortuous.

"The big wave of medical Weibo marketing"

Just like more than 10 years ago the Internet, and a few years ago, the Enterprise network promotion, search engine optimization, there are few people know, but with the passage of time, no one does not become a wave led to the changes of the whole era. Weibo has been popular, micro-Bo marketing has already opened, the medical industry Weibo marketing will be all rise.

I ning Xiao Le, buckle buckle: 604163270, welcome the medical industry sem people to discuss together! Another reprint this article please indicate the source (!

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