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Throughout the history of SEO, from the initial keyword piling up to the current chain overflow, as if we want to be just a PR high garbage station, become a little attention to the content and quality of the site. This kind of situation can use an idiom to describe, call things foul.

According to my understanding of SEO ranking algorithm, search engine optimization is concerned about four aspects of the content, that is, the so-called C,l,k,o Four families, the so-called C, that is content, meaning, the content of the site must be consistent with the theme of the site to be expressed; and L, is link, The link we're talking about today, he is divided into the chain and two kinds of chain, and K, that is, keywords, that is, keywords, the site's keywords are best and their own site to express the theme of the relevant, but should not be keyword piling up, and O is other, that is, some other factors affecting the ranking, such as the layout of the site and other aspects.

In general, just follow the four points above to optimize the site reasonably, then finally your site will generally get a good ranking, but, when some people found some counterintuitive but can achieve good results of the method, they began to risk, gave up the normal white hat optimization and chose the Black Hat optimization, Although a short period of time can achieve good results, but in the long run, the site must become the object of K.

Now, to an era of optimization outside the chain of kings, everyone desperately in the major forums to publish exchanges or buy external links to the message, as long as the outside chain to a certain number, even if the chain is a garbage site, but also to obtain a relatively high PR, over the longer term, as long as we will be a little keyword piling, Know crazy to add external links, we can proudly tell everyone, I am a master seo, our Chinese SEO cause can finally lead the world. But is that really the case?

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