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Now see a lot of people spit in the current SEO industry overflow, discussed the SEO into a very bitter industry, said as if seoer than beggars also a lot of bitterness ...

When I see these, as a starting from SEO Network marketing people, let me also really bitterness a. SEO as an Internet era the most can not ignore the industry, one can see through the essence of marketing industry is finally the most close to their own people abandoned, dislike, and indeed some sad!

Before talking about this problem, someone asked me, SEO threshold so low, do so many people, competition so fierce, see Baidu algorithm so elusive, is not the above said those are not the facts? Let's go back to the front and see how rich we are with SEO skills and why we're not actually rich:

What is the essence of SEO in terms of the simplest word?

That is, search engine optimization rankings! The most real means of brand presentation and traffic access! It can be said that there are search places can be used to SEO. So, now where does the network not need to search? Where not to search can provide you with the best information?

No! From Baidu, 360, Google and so on to Taobao, Cat, Jing Dong, micro-letter, micro-blog, app ... No matter where, where all need to search, then can talk about SEO whether it is a service or an independent business system to establish, can be used, this is opportunity! Does not say the service demand has how big, you open the shop oneself to sell the thing, as a senior seoer, as long as the matter closes the search, regardless of the website or the shop, All platform rankings can be easily done.

Many people say that do not understand marketing, how to do business. To put it simply, the reality of ordinary physical stores as an example, most people do not know how to sell, but the deal in that, that is, there is the flow of traffic may have the opportunity of selling things! Traffic is king! So, with the ability to do SEO rankings, to get natural flow and accurate customer OK

Similarly we can use SEO this skill sells: sells the product, sells the advertisement, sells the service. Watch selling ads: like a part-time network of students, entrepreneurial network, love Mastiff, gay nets and so on each can make hundreds of thousands of daily. Many people say that the project is difficult to do, it must be difficult to dream, to the idea of the network and so on, and other friends to chat, as long as there is no shortage of opportunity, not lack of wealth, the lack of you to find.

Tell us SEO skills 1: Ubiquitous opportunities and simple wealth building systems

Further speaking, what is called advertising drainage?

In any target users where to show ads, with their own ads to attract targeted users to the site, network marketing is the most basic drainage.

Do not say their own site rankings. To play ads: in addition to a number of fixed advertising, such as auction, like the library, know, website stores, classified information, forums and so on! What do these potential ad presentation bits have in common? can be ranked! What's the point? We are good at ranking, SEO is related to the Internet marketing the absolute nature of advertising show, Understand SEO may spend 1 points of the force to get hundreds of times the ads fully show the effect, as long as the serious treatment.

Description of the rich Skills 2: absolute advertising drainage right and effect amplification

And what is the last thing seoer know?


Understand the nature of the site can see through the Internet in the secret. For example: when shopping, product reviews are true? are Customer testimonials true? is the top of the list good? Day cat, Jingdong products must be better than Taobao? And Luo with a hammer said the mobile phone cost-performance, is virtual. The most is to see the other side to give you the assurance and benefits of how grounded gas!

But as we play the site, in these are the rules of the platform, we seoer know how to use the good law! Maybe we seoer can buy something for one-third of the price that someone else spends three times times as well as the price we buy in the sky Cat. Recognition? Of course, in addition to these, in the industry Web site competition, input income ratio, such as the analytical ability of the seoer, even more.

Show Rich skills 3: Belittlin Network Marketing secret

Do Network Marketing I am most accustomed to use is SEO, advertising auction, viral marketing, Word-of-mouth marketing, database marketing system! Each piece is fondle admiringly, although the favorite is Word-of-mouth marketing, but have to say only seo enough rich, because the entire Network marketing session only SEO can contact the face so wide, where can be used, are so effective, not only saves time and effort, but also allows people to see the network marketing very thoroughly!

Many people are talking about, although SEO rich skill is good, but all is latent rich, still can't make big money how to do? Say this sentence, I think we did not make good use of SEO basic skills, to achieve the analogy of the point, in fact, do not say anything else, on the use of the above three simple SEO skills direction, Everyone can play the internet industry. Just sell the product simply now, what can't sell?

Products, brands, packaging, and so what can not be considered, as long as the flow, the next single, a single on the line, the use of competition analysis, as long as the estimated expenditure and income ratio, 500 can easily earn 1000 why not to do it? Can get a big return will be willing to invest. Not willing to invest that is their own problem.

Personal Discovery Although now most seoer very hard, but eventually defeated in the choice is not right, the direction is not right! The attitude is wrong! Now that the mobile Internet competition is not fierce, how many people do Mobile station SEO services?

Now SEO session of this kind of problem is good to explain these problems. Below I use two aspects to analyze the present situation of Seoer!

The thought is not the same

This problem can be seen from constant complaining. The most common SEO services look, do SEO into millionaires are many people are, but why so many people complain? Do not know how to cooperate, do not know the value sense!

Because of these complaints, I have done a test before, and the construction station company, to those who are willing to pay a lot of money to build stations in 3 months free of charge to provide 5000 yuan for a week of SEO Professional tracking Diagnostic Report! Let the establishment of the company to promote customer transactions have been virtually customer trust and goodwill! The whole process of building the station as long as the company let these customers directly contact us, the follow-up all by us to fix!

Not only that, finally, if we and the establishment of the company recommended customers in the provision of diagnostic follow-up tracking service under the contract to give them a 20% commission, to stimulate cooperation. In such a simple test, three days of effective customers, and finally because of their own time costs too high, had to terminate cooperation. What's the point? Seoer cooperation and initiative will bring many opportunities, even the most common services. Wait for sure! Unless you make good use of SEO skills or borrowing power.

There are many people do SEO services, a key word even do hundreds of dollars, too tired. This is not a problem with people, nor is it a price war. The ultimate goal of SEO is not ranked, according to Baidu bid the minimum of 1 clicks 1 dollars, you bring him 1000 traffic a day can give him a day to save 1000 dollars. How about a year? It's not too much for you to have a One-tenth commission a year. This reflects the value issue. So in addition to brand site, I never do too unpopular industry and rankings. No flow bad reflects the value of the service, not a good charge!

Too few people

Now there is a polarization between job seekers and companies in any industry: job seekers can't find good jobs and companies can't find talent. Too much vanity, too few people, too many degrees. SEO Industry!

Perhaps you will say, seo so simple, what talent is not talent? Because it is simple, so many people can not believe! Or some people think too simple, so stepped into the complacency of frustration.

What is the most familiar thing about seoer? Are the seoer really familiar?

Used by previous predecessors used those routines: space, domain name, layout, structure, content, chain, and so on! Even saw some people only know the chain and content. The rest of you know nothing! I mentioned earlier that Baidu ranked turmoil, people who understand the rules of the computer technology are aware of the technical categories are bound by some established rules, there can be no madness and so on, all are traceable. The only explanation you don't understand is that you abandoned the site! did not go to the analysis of the rankings of good sites and be K site Common! Ultimately, the problem is strength. Where there is no measure of value, it is easy to lose and fall. With the right direction and absolute strength will undoubtedly rich!

And Kingkian said: Enter a line, don't first remember to make money, first learn to let oneself valuable. No industry is good at making money. Earning no money, earning knowledge, earning no knowledge, earning experience, earning no experience, earning more than you can not make money. There is only one reason to be confused, that is, the age of struggle is too much. SEO is rich, but you are poor? What are you missing?

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