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Now a lot of SEO experts in the emphasis on content for the king, the site content is the first factor SEO, in fact, nothing but the importance of the content. They are right, transposition thinking, if they go to browse other people's pages, think of course also want to look good content. So "Baidu prefers a unique original content, if your site content is only from the collection and replication from everywhere, probably will not be included in Baidu." Google rankings suggest that you do not create multiple pages that contain a lot of duplicate content. We can see that the search engine and user requirements for site content are:

1. Original content

Write unique content, do not plagiarize from other people's websites, do not copy other people's articles. This is indisputable. Your readers want fresh content, by writing something good and unique, which will help you optimize your website and you will be rewarded.

Do not do false original, but also to change the original content, add a summary of what the content, or according to the original content of the meaning to write a better.

2. Content as far as possible is high quality, can do the best, because this is the search engine and users are most like the practice, but now a lot of webmaster are not writers, not phrases, so can not do to learn the above methods slowly practice it.

3. The title as much as possible to include keywords, so as to help search engine spiders crawling, help your article index under these keywords, and help readers to retrieve content. You can do some keyword research, and then write articles based on the popular keywords you get.

4. The title of the best to attract people to meet the needs of users.

5. Not too many words, there are 200 to 500 words enough, now the materialistic society, fast-paced life, work full of pressure, the general people will not have so xianxin to see your 32,000 words. Reproduced in the net earning forum

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