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News marketing, as its name suggests, will be the marketing information of the enterprise in the form of news, through the media to your audience. This kind of marketing method has the following advantages over the traditional network marketing means:

News has a higher reading rate

Now most people, think of promotion, will first think of advertising. It can be said that there is no advertising, but we can really arouse our attention every day how many ads? In fact, most of the advertising is wasted, no effect. Advertising too much, customers have aesthetic fatigue, most ads will only cause users to resist and disgust.

For example, when watching TV, most people change channels as soon as they see an advertisement. Read the newspaper and read the pages of the advertisement. When browsing the web, the advertisement is skipped and the advertisement is closed.

So, now the effect of advertising is gradually declining, but because of the wrong advertisers, advertising prices are still gradually improve, so the traditional advertising has become less competitive.

And people's attitude to the news is not the same, access to news is already a part of people's daily life, if the marketing information cleverly integrated into the news, will not arouse the user's aversion, this will enhance the customer's reading rate, to achieve better promotion effect.

II. News enhances content credibility

Now the market integrity environment is not very good, many customers are afraid of advertising fraud, in a lot of people's head, basically has been the same as a liar, so the ads say, customers do not necessarily believe.

Relatively speaking, the credibility of the news is better than advertising, because the news is generally issued by the regular media, before the release of the need to audit, and advertising content because advertisers are paid, so the media is often not too serious audit, so compared to traditional advertising, customers are more willing to believe the content of the news, especially the news content of the authoritative media.

Third, the news can improve the depth of content

It's hard to imagine someone who would be willing to read a 1000-word advertisement carefully. People watch ads for less and less time, causing many advertisers to shorten and reduce advertising information as much as possible. And the amount of information is reduced, the meaning of expression will inevitably weaken, so that advertisers spend the main advertising, customers have not read, the effect must not be good.

And people watching the news, will have more patience to read more text content, so that the enterprise will want to express the information, more fully expressed. Long-length news will cause the audience's thinking, can deepen the audience to the enterprise propaganda information impression, realizes the better transformation.

Iv. News has a lasting nature

All kinds of advertising on the network are sometimes long, whether it is Baidu promotion or other display ads, the money point is gone or time to, your advertising will also be gone. Compared with advertising, news on the site after the release, generally are permanently preserved, easily will not be deleted, even if the time is long, your news is not on the homepage or channel page display, this news is still possible through a variety of search engines by customers to search, so the network news and advertising, can exist longer, more lasting effect, In the long run, the price is higher.

Five, better search engine optimization effect

Now, Baidu in order to ensure its interests, the results of the various search rankings more and more, search engine algorithm changes more and more frequently, Baidu will not let a site has always appeared in a very commercial value keyword search results on the home page. Such a customer's site will be difficult to have a keyword on a long-term better ranked.

So what to do? Baidu often disrupts the rankings of various web pages, but no matter how upset, there must be someone in the home page, so say, if the enterprise can have a lot of Baidu index pages, then Baidu This change will not cause too much harm to the enterprise, because this goes on, and will have a new come up, overall is similar.

Since your marketing news information is posted to major news portals, and the news portal itself by the search engine is very important, then your news content on these sites, naturally will be search engines think it is important, high quality, important content will naturally get good rankings, At the same time will improve your information on the search engine coverage, to know that your coverage has increased, your competitor coverage will be reduced, the gap is still very large, higher search engine coverage will be more business opportunities.

Vi. contribution to the promotion of brand value

We often see many companies on the website or brochure will give media coverage to set aside a place, we all know that the media report is a good thing, especially authoritative media reports, can effectively separate the business and the cheater area. If an enterprise often be like Sohu, Sina, netease such authoritative portal website report, customer to this brand approval degree will be higher.

Seven, easy to spread two times

General news portal content will be considered to be relatively high quality, large sites on the news content every day will be many small Web sites reproduced, some man-made, some are automatic. So if the company's news login to a large portal site, it is likely to be reproduced to dozens of or even more small sites, by more people browsing, at the same time to enhance corporate information on the search engine coverage is also very helpful.

Now the customer slowly developed a habit, in the choice with which supplier, often will first search the Internet searched the name of the company, see how Word-of-mouth, and then decide whether to cooperate with it. So the network reputation of the enterprise appears very important. Now hire a professional reputation management company to maintain their network reputation, such as the exchange of Wisdom (Dalian) Information Technology Co., Ltd. has become a standard for many enterprises, of course, news dissemination is only part of the reputation management, network reputation monitoring and reputation crisis processing capacity is also very important.

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