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Webmaster know Baidu Recent algorithm adjustment, a few happy several worry ah, this morning just arrived at the company, the manager told me, the company's product sites and related server sites have been K. What is the reason of its being k, I did a deep analysis and treatment. Before you say the reason, the background of the site and the current situation: the company's website in addition to product sites, server sites are built in July, because the previous server bandwidth is not enough, three weeks ago to buy a new server, all the sites on this server, the server is divided into three IP 146, 147, 148, because 148 is the primary IP so there is no use, 146 as a standby, all the sites on the 147ip.

All sites have been together for three weeks. Suddenly the day before yesterday, did not have a little improvement in five months service station suddenly key words are ranked in the Baidu home page, and then all the sites are K, in response to this phenomenon, I think this is "bounce", down I deeply speak about all the site is K reason:

One, the site unified on the same IP, and all the sites also made a mutual link. Baidu algorithm adjustment, recently has been severely crackdown station group operation, because the same IP on the site of mutual links, such a station group operation mode is obviously failure, will cause the site was blocked.

Solution: The link between the site removed, the site IP separate, has reached the goal of confusing search engines, do a bit of technical content of the station group operation.

Second, the company's product site and server site is not the same IP, but also by K, the reason is affected by these servers, because the service of the website above the ads are basically to the product to do publicity, although it is a picture of advertising, but also affected, it is estimated that some grassroots do not believe this, Server website has a bounce site, that site keyword are ranked in the Baidu home page, so sold a advertisement for someone else, I found that the site of the purchase of advertising is K, this is Shing.

Solution: Because the product website mainly relies on the advertisement to bring the customer, but the search engine brings the customer to be few, therefore the influence is not big.

Third, the website Foundation is not good, does not follow the normal website the way to do, outside the chain do is also not good, suddenly more and less, but also often in the forum, basically are replies add hidden links (such a chain can not be removed by moderators), outside the chain with black hat technique, also replies, this is not looking for things. In addition, still hang Black Company, this is the bane!

Solution: Normal Update website information, according to the normal way to do a good job outside the site links, specifically for Baidu to do outside the chain, such as: Baidu Experience, Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Space, Baidu Library and so on.

The above three points is the main reason for the whole company's website K, there are some small problems, such as dead links, web site structure messy, too much advertising site, bounce rate and so on. Do SEO site k is normal but must be in the site by K after the rehabilitation work to adjust the mentality, to maintain stability, do not lament, to maintain vitality.

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