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What are the advantages of ixwebhosting host:

1, Infinite: Unlimited space size, can do unlimited station, which unlimited pro this support 15 independent IP, do not need to record.

2, value-added: 3 free domain name, gift google, Yahoo and miva advertising fees.

3, pay flexibility: Have a credit card or PayPal, Alipay can be purchased, management and use are very convenient.

4, independent IP advantage: easy to make SEO net. This is the biggest advantage that any other host independent IP needs to buy.

Ixwebhosting Host Purchase Tutorial (Chinese illustration):

The first step: landing ixwebhosting website

The second step: Select the host, click Register (as shown below)


Step three: Fill in the registration information and host type (pictured below)


Fourth step: Payment method and employee name (figure below)

Fifth step: Fill in the Discount code IX26 (as shown below)


Sixth step: Final Price, confirm payment (figure below)


When all of the above are selected/filled in, click the "Order Now" button to submit your orders.

Enter Alipay's payment page, enter Alipay account and password, click Next, Order submission success page, OK, so that your new order has been submitted to Ix,ix will open your account as soon as possible, please be patient to open the letter.

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