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Many webmasters always complain that after the establishment of the website, there is no marketing significance. In fact, many webmasters did not find a better way to SEO site. Because SEO optimization can not be blind, must have a careful plan to do, otherwise your site will do for a long time without any effect. Today, Sun Chen to share with you, a new site how to quickly optimize the short-term.

First of all, we first to the site's record, domain name, space and other preparations for doing a good job. So, how does this website pass one months of time, let the website see effect?

One, the station optimizes. Speaking of station optimization, I believe this must be related to editing. Indeed, for a new station, editing is very important. Many webmasters do not value site editing, feel that the site editor is no more than summary information, but, seriously, if a website editor is not qualified, then, for the new station is very unfavorable, if only to copy and paste, then, your site will only be a copy station, then, Want to use such a website to produce benefit, really is the Arabian Nights. So, to optimize the site, you must not ignore the article.

Two, one-way link. Here said one-way link is friendship link, believe that the link is all webmaster can not ignore, the only reason is that one-way link refers to a link to a Web page hyperlink, and no corresponding link to the original page. This is believed to be a lot of webmaster familiar, one-way link is actually a good way to optimize the site, everyone wants to link to each other, think so as to achieve such a fair at the same time to obtain benefits. We are looking for relevant information on the Internet is mainly dependent on search engines, and I was in the optimization, I found a friend with 2 one-way links, and the site on the line, there will be a great effect. But, to be honest, I believe that the webmaster to the link must be very understanding, friendship links are not for links and links, but for friendship. So, if you really want a one-way link, talk about friendship.

Third, the rational hair outside the chain. The chain refers to the links from other websites to their own websites. Importing links is a very important process for Web site optimization. The quality of the import link directly determines the weight of our site in the search engine. That is, the quality of the chain is very worthy of attention, can go to some high weight platform more outside the chain, such as encyclopedia, we all know the encyclopedia of the chain is very large, but also is the product of Baidu, the weight itself is very good, so say, do encyclopedia is the consensus of the optimistic. In addition, such as Baidu Library, experience is a lot of optimization methods. Here are some ways to optimize the chain, you can set up a new station when you try:

First, the forum outside the chain. Many forums are signed, you can send a new post, let search engine quickly crawl, but, now many webmaster think the forum signature now meaningless, but, can do a little bit of high-quality, will have effect on the site outside the chain, but, need to remind you, webmaster must do high-quality, Do not cause the forum to be deleted, the deletion will have an impact on your site.

Second, the blog outside the chain. A lot of stationmaster does not value the blog very much, feel the blog does not have any meaning, let alone optimize. But in fact, a Baidu included blog, the effect? For the choice of the blog, we recommend that you can choose some Sina, Sohu and other high-quality platform, using these blogs to do reverse link, the effect is very good. However, the disadvantage is that this work is very complex, time-consuming, heavy workload, so, webmaster must have the patience to do oh.

Third, the exchange of links, is said before, do the webmaster will have some people pulse, please some friends to see if you can help the next site, which is very good for a website.

A new website wants to have rankings, may be people think impossible or difficult things, but, when you really do, believe you will develop, in fact, you are a miracle. My name is Sun Chen, if want to communicate, welcome everybody to add my qq:331055515, we can communicate with each other.

First-line Wui Road, you are welcome to master the brick and reproduced, please keep the URL ah.

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