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The forum signature is one of the methods of constructing the outer chain which is used by our optimization personnel. The reason why it can be so favored is mainly because of its low construction threshold and quick results, many optimization personnel in contact with the optimization of the initial start of the chain, and the construction of the outside chain from the forum signature began. Some optimizer think the use of the forum signature is very simple, as long as the quantity is enough. In fact, this is a wrong point of view, the forum outside the chain construction needs to pay attention to many issues, the author today on the basis of its own experience in the chain of the construction of outside the chain to share a few of the common misunderstanding.

Myth Number one: win by quantity

Novice Optimizer in the outgoing forum signature of the chain always pay attention to the number of chain, although a large number of signatures outside the chain, but when the query Baidu's outside the chain is always up and down, a lot of outside the chain has been collected after a long time will be deleted, such a chain of fluctuations will lead to the site's keyword ranking instability, To this I think we do outside the chain of time do not publish too many outside the chain, this will lead to your hair fast off too.

Mistake two: Do not pay attention to post content

For the forum signature, the content of the post or reply is also very important, for example, if your reply is basically: "Landlord hard, top, good posts, etc." this kind of reply, then these chain of collection and stability are worrying, but also the engine forum moderator's displeasure, The end result is likely to be sealed with an ID. In terms of content, I think we should pay attention to, should not be like the author said above just for the quantity and carry out the chain construction.

Myth Three: No rules

For this point I have a living example, the author has a friend, he is also keen to do the forum signature of the chain, but he this person has a bad habit is often loose fishing. In the forum signature on the very good reflection, there was a day to send 500 signatures reply, also one day did not send the time. This result is caused by the site outside the chain is like a roller coaster, this problem for the site's impact is very large, and I would like to emphasize once, for the optimization of executive power is the most important. Do not loose fishing.

Misunderstanding four: The singleness of the platform

Many of the optimization staff in the forum signature outside the chain of the building when all like to go to a number of large-scale optimization forums, such as A5 forum, Seowhy, but a lot of owners are in this fixed platform, outside the chain is very limited, if the account in a certain site was deleted, Then to our outside chain quantity will cause the big impact, to this author thinks that the outside chain construction platform should take the pluralistic development.

Myth: Validity of the forum signature

At present, the form of the forum signature has different kinds, some can only be text links, some hyperlinks, and some even anchor text links, these are mainly based on the level of the account to distinguish. Of course, the effects of these types of links are different, to anchor the text is the best effect, the text link is the worst effect. As a construction personnel outside the chain, we need to evaluate the period for our site is effective, if it can not produce a positive role is not a tree hanged, others feel that the effect is not necessarily to your site also applicable.

Forum signature outside the chain of the threshold is low, we can not ignore the details of its construction. Only notice these details to make your forum signature outside the chain to play its real effect. This article by the snail Frost, reprint please retain the source.

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