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Guide: Word-of-mouth Marketing, the son of small profits big. WEB2.0 age, she became the number of business and marketers of the dream lover. But even so, many people still do not use Word-of-mouth marketing as a preferred strategy. Why? Because I'm not confident. Most companies think they don't have the cool products and services that can inspire widespread public discussion. But why not try it, the cost of "Word-of-mouth" compared with the tens of other media ads, like mosquitoes and elephants. Try more times to accumulate more experience. Besides, some professional experience can be used for reference before the marketing activities begin. The following article is a foreign senior Word-of-mouth marketing people for lack of self-confidence and ideas of the enterprise under the prescription. This article will give us the impression that Word-of-mouth marketing is suitable for all businesses.

Word-of-mouth marketing is something that inspires conversation, builds understanding and makes a person willing to talk. It exists in every organization. The Secret of Word-of-mouth marketing is to go deep into your heart and talk about the reasons you believe will affect the audience. Some would argue: "This may be true, but what should we do?" What we believe in, usually by increasing revenue and marginal returns, producing quality products to add value to customers, and so on, doesn't sound new and boring.

Here are some fresh "ideas" to talk about, and stir up conversations to get people to understand more deeply about your organization's six ways.

1, access to the CEO's faith

CEOs spend most of the day talking to customers, employees, investors, analysts, and collaborators. Talk about "ideas",

"Trends", "things" and so on. Most of these conversations contain quite a few "ideas". Just ask the CEO questions and get what you want. "What can make a big difference to a customer's life and the fact that the customer doesn't find it?" What do people in the industry spend a lot of time talking about? "or" If you have a crystal ball, what are the three changes in the industry that you predict will occur in the next two years? ”

2. Listening in a new way

Listening can provide clues to what people are talking about: what do they care about? Worried about what? What trends are disappearing or appearing. What kind of language and feeling can cause empathy or no effect. There are some passive listening data available. such as Nielsen or Buzzmetrics company's research data. Proactive listening methods can also be used on a regular basis, such as building an online customer community, commenting on blogs or listening to customers.

3, the establishment of views of the studio

Another way to find the "idea" worth talking about is to bring together all the interested people in the company and brainstorm "ideas" through brainstorming. Ask new questions that can open "ideas", "suggestions", "opinions". These "ideas" line insiders are unlikely to talk but customers may be interested. To get a quick and high quality "idea", you can split the team into teams of 4 or 5 people (competitive "soul" is very productive). But never set up such creative workshops in Monday. Because people have so much to do in the Monday, they may not want to spend time brainstorming.

4. Establish and maintain a committee

Invite 5 people from different groups outside the enterprise once a year to help you think about how to talk about the company in a more interesting way. By imitating the practices of some community organizations, you can briefly write down your puzzles and annoyances before each meeting and then submit them to the group members. (Just writing the question down will help you see the answer). Then everyone will ask you some good questions to help you find new ways. The diversity of the groups and the focus on the problem can produce amazing "ideas" over half a day. (Note: It is best to invite people who do not work together, for example, not to invite agencies) especially rich talent, as long as you open your mouth will be very willing to help you.

5. Fine Thinking

Another way to find a new perspective is to narrow the scope of the discussion in a broad topic or trend. We often think that being a thinking leader means talking about everything. As we focus on narrower areas, we often find ourselves able to engage in a richer dialogue and produce deeper and more insightful advice in areas where customers feel difficult or are overlooked. Digital marketing is broad, and the topic of finding ideas from online communities is narrower. Childhood obesity is very broad, but the importance of sports venues in the community is narrow but also more interesting.

6, Walk

Sometimes the best way to find a company's faith is to walk out of the office with co-workers. Take a walk, have a hike, and focus on some good questions. These activities can help the company to get to the point of entry.

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