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When you look at your competitor's website, do you find that the BR of the other's website is very high? For the weight of the site, before the author D.J. also said a lot of the key to improve the weight of the user experience. Easy to talk about, but the real application in SEO optimization time to find a lot of details is important.

To do site optimization, improve the weight of the site, or the quality of the site page, for different user needs, the requirements of high-quality original content and user experience. In fact, the idea of doing site optimization is similar to Tai Chi, began to be peaceful, softness four and two. In simple terms, the principle of the lever in physics, not only to the user needs, but also pay attention to search engine algorithm rules, the balance between the two requirements can improve the weight of the site.

In the previous optimization analysis of the weight of the site, the author D.J. said that the other key element to improve the weight is the vote score. Of course, high quality of the outside of the chain vote to improve the weight of the site is very helpful, but as for the outside of the chain algorithm restrictions, a new station to get high weight link exchange is obviously unlikely. In this case, the site within the chain voting algorithm is particularly important.

A page within the chain of weight transfer only a chain, do not do any good, this is what we have said before. And through some high weight website research, found that this algorithm is not absolute. Some of the high weight of the site, often through the chain system to the long tail keyword to bring weight ranking that is, in the station multiple pages to a keyword recommendation. However, this approach to novice seoer does not recommend trying. The reason for this is that, in search engines for the internal chain system rules, the requirements of all unfavorable user experience, only to optimize the ranking of the optimization technology is the optimization of the gray area, the bottom line is not easy to grasp, slightly over the boundary will be considered cheating, and the site will be doomed to perdition.

To improve the website of BR, we want to understand the search engine for the page algorithm rules. Clear for the rules of the page, Seoer can better seize the opportunity to improve the site rankings, enhance the weight of the site.

First, the importance of the page ranking principle. The layout of the page should be based on user needs, all the page layout that is not conducive to user experience, will be abandoned by search engines. In the original layout of the page, we need to recommend the site information layout, recommended content can save a lot of time for users, but also get a good click. However, the recommended content to meet the current maximum user needs, the most popular information in the recommended content of the first, such as "Baidu Search the Wind and cloud list." This approach is in line with the search engine rules, so that not only can get the weight is also conducive to site rankings.

Secondly, the principle of proportion of original content in the station. The content of the site is the most taboo is a large number of collection information and boilerplate text, if the overall proportion of the page text is less, simply to increase the page text and launched a text list file page, such a site will certainly be down right. Search engine for the original content ratio of the page is stipulated, if such a sample of more text, will create a proportional imbalance, the relevant repetitive content too much, will be judged as cheating. Search engine for webmaster articles can require collection, but the proportion is still required, if the original too little, the site will lose the readability value, a certain of K.

We will never know how the search engine algorithm micro-regulation, but as long as we can control the countless details of the page, the basic optimization to do in place, understand the user's greatest needs, then you can create a high weight of the website platform.

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