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Any forum needs the support of popularity, no popular website and forum No development can be said, this is beyond doubt. below to introduce me to promote their own forums, enhance the popularity of the forum to do a promotion: set up a car friends will!

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, owning a private car more and more people, take my county to say it, people around more and more people have their own cars, no car people also have a lot of driver's license, this is a group of life more affluent, in their life circle has a certain appeal and influence, As long as this group of people can be concentrated in the forum, will create a butterfly effect, affecting more people to join the forum.

The first thing to do is to find a car repair plant that is as famous as possible in the area and talk to them about cooperation, because you are the local portal, so find them to talk about when they can advertise on the site, as long as the full preparation, eloquence is not too bad, I believe there will be a car repair factory willing to cooperate.

I am because to find a friend in reality, he opened a car repair plant, also want to gather popularity through the network, netting a group of people, because of the common idea, so hit, intend to set up a club. The forum serves as the network meeting point of the car friend meeting, lets the friend who participates in the car friends to exchange the experience. Auto Repair Factory As the reality of the meeting point, and the car repair factory also provides a monthly free car washing, auto repair and other services, so in the forum to see can provide so many free service of the car club, have the desire to participate.


At the same time, the design and production of a unified car club logo, can be named as the name of the auto repair plant, you can also redefine their name, as long as the participation of more than 10 people, car friends will bring a lot of popularity and flow of the forum. Of course, these are my cooperation with that friend out of the attention, I feel very good, at present has developed a group of members, the forum popularity is more and more prosperous! Welcome reprint, please keep the link

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