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According to Iris Consulting, the number of Chinese Internet users, combined with the latest data from the new system of continuous user behavior research, found that in 2008 years, Chinese search engine user size (defined as the number of users who produce a search request in half a year, excluding the number of navigation users) Up to 246 million people, compared with 2007 's 171 million-year year-on-year growth of 43.8%, is expected to 2009, China's search engine users will break through 300 million people, and to 2012 years later, users will be a breakthrough in the size of 500 million people.

2008 China's search engine market size of 5.02 billion yuan (about 735 million U.S. dollars), compared with 2007 's 2.9 billion Yuan year-on-year growth of only 73.1%, the impact of the economic crisis many corporate advertisers to pursue cost-effective and investment return to higher marketing methods, will be more value search engine marketing , experts predict that the search engine market will also maintain a year-on-year growth rate of 50%, in the precision marketing concept gradually popularized, the search engine will play a greater energy.

In order to facilitate the enterprise to better carry out search engine marketing, the author according to their own in the creation of the net work experience, sorting out a number of related basic knowledge and operating methods, I hope that we can help.

Search Engine Marketing Classification

Search Engine Marketing: Based on the user's search habits, select some commonly used keywords, and then take a series of measures to the site in the top of the search results, from the kind of division, can be divided into paid clicks and keyword optimization.

1, Pay-click: So the name incredible is Pay-per-click. Pay a certain fee to the service provider to make the website rank at the top of the search engine rankings, and calculate the cost by the number of clicks. The main service providers for Baidu and Google, accounting for more than 80% of domestic market share.

Pay-click is currently the most common search engine results on the left rank, and the right sponsor link. The two models are similar, but the left side is more consistent with people's Click habits, the effect is more significant.

2, keyword optimization: That is, through a series of technical measures to enhance the quality and weight of the site, so that it more in line with the search engine's crawl habits, so in search results to obtain a higher position.

Keyword optimization from the technical point can be divided into stations outside SEO and site seo.

SEO outside the station, can also be said to be off the site of the keyword optimization technology, based on the external site on the site in search engine rankings, through a large number of backlinks, that is, we call the external links to achieve the ranking of the means of rising. Because the method is completed outside the site, so become outside the station SEO.

Site SEO, within the site optimization technology, through the site structure adjustment, code optimization, content relations, as well as search engine algorithm mechanism and other technical means to achieve the goal of optimizing rankings.

The above two optimization methods have the effect, the difference is that the station outside SEO simple, but the cycle is longer, some high-frequency keywords may take a long time to do unremitting. While the site SEO although a short period, can be ranked in the short term success, but the technical requirements are higher.

For paid clicks, companies can consider the marketing costs, for higher-margin products, you can try. and keyword optimization, it is the popularization of the means, the author suggested that enterprises have the ability to do their own, can not do it please professional company to do.

Keyword Selection tips

Whether the bidding rankings, or keyword optimization, there is a key factor, that is the selection of keywords. For the selection of keywords, the author found in the work of many enterprises in the choice of keywords, often face the same confusion.

1, the keyword too many: This is the author in the creation of the net often encountered, some business scope involves a wide range of options, the keyword is too much, the relevant person often do not know how to operate, would like to add all the keywords. Of course, I definitely do not think this is wrong, but always consider the cost of marketing it, add a keyword, the corresponding must increase a certain amount of marketing costs, a lot of useless or low conversion rate of the key words for the enterprise is meaningless.

2, the key word too little: the author in the work, but also often encountered such a class of customers, keyword selection, a product often only select a keyword, which is also very detrimental to search engine marketing.

According to the author's experience, a product name extended to 3-5 keywords is the best way to combine.

Keyword selection elements

1, high-frequency words: The choice is easy to be customer search High-frequency vocabulary, visitors Search these words when the target is strong, the enterprise can achieve a higher conversion rate.

2, related words: On the basis of high-frequency words to extend a number of related words, a complete search is usually composed of 3-5 different searches. According to relevant statistics, of which the search for more than 3 of the total number of the proportion of 78%, search more than 5 times up to 29%. Therefore, the author suggests that we can use high-frequency words as the basis, on this basis to expand to 3-5 related words, if customers can search the element to our information, the probability of choosing us will undoubtedly increase a lot.

3, the key words to be accurate: keyword expression is accurate is to obtain good search results of the necessary prerequisite. Avoid typos and ambiguous words. At the same time, the keyword should be concise, when submitting a search request, users usually refine their ideas into a simple vocabulary to find.

4, Edge Keywords: This is the author of a less mature ideas, here to say, I hope to discuss with you. The idea is that, for example, a company is a five-star hotel in Huangshan, in the choice of keywords in addition to their own main business key words, but also can grasp Huangshan is a tourist city this feature, choose some such keywords, such as "Huangshan tourist attractions", "Huangshan Special Snacks", "Huangshan Scenery", "Huangshan Specialty" and other marginal words. Because to go to Huangshan tourism must be housing, to Huangshan Travel also need housing, these customers are a company's potential customers, so I think the choice of some and their own business with the key words, should also become a marketing tool.

The author of the Web site to create a win ( carried out a number of attempts to achieve a certain effect, interested friends can see, but the price is too large, not suitable as a general means of promotion, is still in the test. If you have any good ideas, welcome to explore.

Problems to be avoided in search engine marketing operation

Pay-click Promotion should pay attention to the problem:

1, advertising areas: Enterprises in the pay ranking, do not forget to set their own advertising area, if the scope of business in Shanghai should be the rest of the city to shut down the option to avoid spending money.

2, the amount of the upper limit: malicious competition between peers, has always been the biggest problem of bidding click, according to the relevant statistics, the enterprise 35% of the advertising costs are malicious clicks between peers consumed. A few days ago to see the news, an enterprise to do the bidding rankings, the results did not set a single day amount of consumption limit, the time was malicious click thousands of times, until the account of 2400 yuan account fee consumption, and now and search engine negotiation has not yet results. According to their own situation, enterprises can set a daily limit of financial consumption, so as to avoid similar situation.

3, Delivery time: Advertising time is also a small skill, according to the author's experience, 10 o'clock in the morning-11:30, 4 o'clock in the afternoon-5:30 in the meal and before work, as well as the night of the 8 o'clock-11 points, these time segments of the customer clicks Higher, the enterprise in the choice of keywords, You can put some more keywords in these time periods. In addition, on weekends, you can also adjust the amount of the daily consumption of a little higher.

Key points to be noticed in keyword optimization

In the current domestic seoer optimization, some will use some illegal means, such as the number of brush clicks, forged false traffic, create a large number of garbage outside the chain, just to optimize the site, and then good to the customer to charge the remaining service charges, and then the optimization no longer maintenance, These through illegal means optimized website, in Google PR update after the ranking will generally decline rapidly. Google on the cheating site is not soft, once by K, the enterprise before the efforts are all in vain.

So enterprises should be correct to look at SEO, the use of skills to be reasonable, for the keyword optimization, not hasty, haste, and should be legitimate and reasonable means to optimize the site.

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