Sony Ericsson sets up diversified network marketing operation combination mode

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Change Enterprise Future Marketing management is not someone else, is "you", who consumes who the decision will be inevitable. Perhaps many people did not think that when "you" was selected as "Time Magazine" 2006 "People of the Year", a new marketing era of the curtain also opened.

In the traditional brand management, enterprises are making product planning, after the brand positioning, according to the product (service) function and so on will also give their own consumer group to make a description, in order to retrace, for their region, their habits to do media delivery and promotional activities, but the specific how much is effective, may still be the old saying: "I know half of my advertising is wasted, but I don't know where it's going." Why? Because the "they" are vague and discrete.

In your time, due to the internet characteristics and community formation, and consumer feedback channels gradually improve, enterprises will find the image of consumers increasingly clear, consumer characteristics, and even the commonality between consumers, leading to a brand will spontaneously form a consumer group, that is what we usually call the community. Because of the relationship between consumers, the strength of such a team led to a greater voice of consumers, such as a car failure of a factory, will cause dozens of of the same brand model car owners and enterprises of the Court, this has not uncommon. Now we can also see that there are a number of brands, especially for the "y generation" of the dynamic zone, targeting young consumers of various types of fashion digital products, such as ipods, they are using the brand community to strengthen the cohesion of the brand.

"They" and "you" the biggest difference is: The past they are passive recipients, today you are active participants. In the past, the consumer may have only 50% correct probability, today you are active hand, or they are temporarily unable to become a brand of consumers, but they are loyal brand advocates, brand consumption of the proponent, brand-building participants and judges.

Now consumers not only have the right to choose the product, but also have the right to evaluate and promote any brand, said plainly some who consume who is the boss, and even I do not consume your products, the same can be your brand of the Lord. Therefore, in your time, the most astute enterprises will let consumers do corporate brand spread seeds.

Sony Ericsson borrowing Power network marketing

In its third-quarter results, Sony Ericsson, a mobile phone company that was founded in 2001, grew 31%, and global market share rose 1% to 9%, the world's fourth-largest. One of the most important reasons for making such a proud achievement is the success of Sony Ericsson in branding, especially the extensive use of network branding.

Through marketing activities in the online community, Sony Ericsson Brand has been given a youthful, vibrant and vibrant image that is widely accepted among the younger generation of consumers. Especially at the beginning of 2006, Sony Ericsson is bold innovation, directly to enable the Internet Reds "Angel sister", to launch the "Jane Yue" series of mobile phones. This makes the "Jane Yue" series of mobile phones in the market has been a great success.

After 6 years of trial and practice, Sony Ericsson has established a diversified network marketing operation combination mode. Has now become the second-largest marketing media in Sony Ericsson after the television media.

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