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Hello everyone, I am Mo Shi trillion, the topic is for an event or subject of a large amount of information integration, usually such topics have information, pictures, videos and so on, such as many large sites will often have special publicity, so this article we apply in the soft text marketing writing should how to write it, Today Mo Shi trillion to share with you about this aspect of understanding and experience, the use of thematic soft marketing for Web site traffic to do a thorough surging.

To make a special project based on hot spots or concerns.

First of all, in the soft topic, we need to choose our thematic focus, only someone concerned, our topic will have flow, such as yesterday, Google's PR is worth a stir, if we are operating the same as the author of soft literati such webmaster type site, Then you can make a project based on this event, the use of the hero of the story of the discussion and speculation, the introduction of traffic, through the SEO technology to optimize the relevant keywords, so that more traffic is cut, this is the selection of our topic, select the topic is like a good position for themselves, with a direction, Then we can have different value soft text to provide.

Special information Soft Text selected

If you pay attention to a special report, you will find a more similar place, that is usually according to the development of events and progress of the design, such as the same as yesterday's topic, Mo Shi trillion saw Tencent on the topic of jobs, is such a topic, So in this topic you can see a bright spot is to use different articles to introduce the topic, and this is not the bright spot, in the QQ space right there is the Internet hot event discussion, inside about Lin son Meng Zhao, and when the author points to open this, was recommended is the Sina Net report, So the author clicks on, is a report, but the related reading is last October, then back to the topic, we will be our site on the topic of the article on the integration, and then let our users continue to read, the users stay on their own website the largest.

Marketing with special reports

Mo Shi trillion also detailed on the topic of such marketing tools, also found a place worth our research and learning practice, this place is on the topic of marketing, this is not only the use of the soft paper on the topic, there are some places are worth our learning, that is, in this project marketing, For example, Tencent on the topic of jobs is in the book on his introduction, I think such a is marketing, after all, Jobs won the world's admiration, then such an opportunity is our exhibition e-commerce, there is a need to meet, this is the Internet. Second in the Webmaster network of some articles we can also see such marketing, if we carefully pay attention to, in Webmaster Network audit Our soft text, sometimes in the article at the bottom of the A5 soft text outside the chain platform or A5 forum activities of publicity, in fact this is a marketing, Whether it is to reprint this article out or be read by people.

The special topic type Soft article marketing has the very big market, the integration of a number of Internet knowledge, including SEO optimization, soft text, promotion and so on, so do a special issue, you will have a very good site development, the author of the soft literati will also be planning different soft topics, because this form has a specific crowd, has a specific flow, Mo Shi Zhao Hand in the Taobao women's winter Clothing (www.51clg.com) that the soft article special style of a fusion of marketing, for which articles, pictures, videos, all have a very wide range of soft advertising, at the same time use such a topic can be such an advertisement play incisively and vividly.

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