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Abstract: Today, custom travel service Providers 6 people swim to 36 Krypton confirmed that they received nearly million dollars in the B round of financing, the investment side for the capital and another domestic company, two investment amounts are basically equivalent. 6-person Tour offers a small group of custom travel Services

Today, custom Travel service Providers "6-person Tour" to 36 Krypton confirmed that they received nearly tens of millions of dollars in the second round of financing, the investor for China Capital and another domestic company, two investment amounts are basically equivalent.

"6-person Tour" to provide a separate trip to the small group of customized travel services, the main user groups for more than 35 years old, most of them are about 45 years of age of the general population, to the family travel users and enterprise groups to build the majority of users. "6-person Tour" founder Jia Jianqiang said that their users are mainly tourism consumers, rather than a small group of tourism enthusiasts.

As for the provision of customized methods, "6-person Tour" is a special point is to standardize the custom process, that is, the current 6 people travel basically through their micro-credit account (liurenyoucom) to provide services, users can in the micro-letter account according to their own location, travel days, the number of demand, The system matches the corresponding product to the user, if has the more detailed demand, its customer service personnel will carry on the follow-up communication with the user in the micro-letter, until satisfies the user the demand, finally the user may realize the product booking and the purchase directly in the micro-letter. This way of standardizing the process can greatly improve the service efficiency of custom travel and upgrade to more than 10 times times the traditional industry, Jia Jianqiang said.

At present, the domestic custom tour of the start-up companies and we have reported before the second trip, as well as Sinbad travel, 6 people swim closer to the latter, and no two travel is more biased under the line of artificial customization, and for travel enthusiasts to provide a very personalized service. However, although custom travel seems to be a bit hot in the near future, because the Internet makes it partially standardized, more easy to scale, but Jia Jianqiang also said that the travel industry is the most complex, most dirty most tired big companies do not want to do a piece of business, because it needs to be all the links to travel through and provide to the user, at the same time due to the low frequency of tourism, Low margin and high user access costs, so the flow source and conversion rates are very important, which is one of the reasons they choose more based on micro-credit (to improve efficiency and conversion rate).

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