Stunned! A soft text to the site to bring 50,000 traffic, there is a picture of the truth

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Now, many enterprises are aware of the importance of soft text to corporate propaganda, especially in this network era, the era of information explosion, soft paper is more indispensable to the brand, sales, visibility and so on can play a pillar role. However, many enterprises do not know how to do soft marketing (soft text promotion), many people think that soft wen marketing is a simple release of several articles, or the article casually write or even copy directly to the network directly released to the net, the results did not bring a trace of effect, the final soft text of the negative.

A soft article to bring 50,000 traffic to the website, this is how surprised things, for the station, a lot of related words can instantly row to Baidu home, to the webmaster to save how many things. Nonsense not much to say, there is a picture of the truth:


(article source material commune, put an article link:

The above soft paper is worthy of reference to the following points:

First, the soft Wen pays attention to the psychological interaction with the reader. Let the reader feel very cordial.

Second eye-catching, straightforward title.

Third, with knowledge, so that others can feel that this is worth reading articles.

Four, interesting, let others in the tense busy life decompression.

The soft text can be regarded as the carrier of emotional communication, the carrier of knowledge transmission and the carrier of humorous discourse. In short, the content must be able to show the value of the existence of soft text.

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