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Telemarketing (Telemarketing) is a newer concept that appeared in the United States in the the 1980s. With the formation of consumer-led market, as well as the popularity of telephone, facsimile and other means of communication, many enterprises have begun to try this new market approach. Telemarketing is by no means a random number of calls, relying on luck to sell a few products. This kind of telephone often causes the consumer to dislike, the result is counterproductive. Beacon Search experts believe that: through the use of telephone, to achieve a planned, organized and efficient expansion of customer base, improve customer satisfaction, maintenance of customers and other market practices. Successful telemarketing should enable both sides of the telephone to realize the value of telemarketing.

Now the Society whether telephone marketing or network marketing Everyone is not unfamiliar, telephone marketing in large cities is the most widely used enterprises, but also indispensable to small cities, especially the less developed small places, telemarketing is not acceptable to all.

The majority of the small city of the telephone sales have a certain exclusion mentality, today's station to share a little station Suining recruitment network in the local small city is how to handle the telephone sales, telephone sales experience three points:

First: Set goals--start with the right people

Set the target, determine the goal is not know to answer the phone is a male or female, the phone content introduced on the Nothing, and our goal is to understand whether the people who answer the phone has the right to decide whether the decision.

If you're a telemarketing officer, you're going to have a problem with that. Most of the people who answer the phone are front desk or switchboard, they will avoid you with various excuses, such as "general manager is meeting, you have anything to say to me, I help you to convey or is Mister business trip has not come back, back to inform you" and so on, Often this situation with no audio end, how to find the people who decide?

Many ways, first of all, two points: 1. Key person transfer method: refers to the telephone sales staff a front desk or switchboard a hint, indicating that they and the person to find is very familiar with or very important relationship, is equivalent to give an irresistible reason, so that the telephone transfer into. 2. Important Matters transfer method: Refers to the phone sales people's eyes speak a very important thing, not only to find the reasons for contact to the front desk or switchboard, these things are not the front desk or switchboard of the scope of responsibility can be handled, and this phone if the front desk does not help transfer, the consequences may cause them to bear, So you can successfully speak to the phone.

Second: the charm of sound---impress customers with sound

Voice is the telephone marketing must also be indispensable one of the key, we must have played or took the mobile company 10086 customer Service phone, is not 10086 customer service miss like a silver bell, immediately can let people feel the vitality, enthusiasm, self-confidence of the voice moved, this is the charm of the voice.

So how do phone salesmen make their voices attractive? Here is a summary of 10 points for everyone's reference: 1. Keep smiling at all times 2. Correct posture 3.4. Full of enthusiasm 5.6. The severity of the tone of the speech is 7. The Duncuo of intonation 8. The rhythm of the tone 9. Language coherence.

Third: Gorgeous opening---attractive opening remarks

Different phone sales have different openings, if you start to attract customers, then the purpose of the call you will be successful half, the opening point refers to the beginning of the telephone communication in the first 30 seconds or a minute or so, usually by the greeting, self-introduction, the purpose of the introduction of a few parts, But often this way easily triggers the rejection of customer service, then how do we grasp the opening? Next we'll share 6 more practical introductory approaches: 1. Describe the final value of the product 2. Give the customer a surprise. 4. Raise the curiosity of the customer to understand 5. Good faith Praise Customer 6.

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