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Since the spring of 06, the hodgepodge of local portals to now more than three years, just started when the blind pursuit of all-inclusive! Interface complex and diverse, the size of more than 100 columns, there are domestic and international news, film and television entertainment, blog forum, alumni, real estate, second-hand, talent, local culture and so on, the content is copied from other stations. or collected, update rate is low, afraid to do their own aspects of the incomplete, then get very tired, the program also downloaded a few, a patchwork of a so-called comprehensive portal site, personal Energy is limited, in many ways do not good, and finally gave up the operation, into learning technology. Now in the local Internet access rate constantly improve the environment, but also want to create and operate the local website again and again, the sleepless nights, the excitement and sadness. I think of their own and see share to the same as I for the local development of netizens, lest again in the operation of wandering.

I. Content.

1, the local content mainly. Identify your site and target users to specific geographic and local limits. How the information model of your website attracts people for the second time, it comes from around you, you are familiar with it, and your users are very clear. Emphasis on local information mainly, this is the City Alliance, 58, Word-of-mouth network can not do.

2. Information comment function. The comments of netizens can be regarded as a supplement and extension of communication, and this function really realizes the spirit of participating in information. In dealing with these comments, not only to remove harmful information in time, to guide, but also to do a good job in the feedback of these comments.

3. Search query inside and outside the station. Visitors should be able to easily interact with the site at any time, so the planning of each column in the site has designed users very convenient for inquiries, search, consultation, feedback and other interactive functions, so that users no matter what level of page can be easily available online consultation, services.

Second, the promotion.

1, optimize their own web pages. Title, keyword, description is best not too much and repetition. Mainly to do internal and external links.

2, the street leaflets color page, proposed to the merchant, do not send to passers-by, most people do not surf the Internet (here).

Posters, PR-related media are relatively easy to control and low-cost, effective publicity.

3, the use of Internet cafes recommended. Do not expect the Internet Café machine to set up your homepage, because the Internet cafes have dedicated maintenance personnel and computer stores, they will not give such opportunities to you. It is suggested that the wall or other places in the bar after the Internet café to make cooperation billboards, of course, the characters are xxx Internet cafes, using Internet cafes as propaganda window.

4, friends and colleagues introduced, Word-of-mouth legend. Print some small business cards, see people on the hair.

5. Participate in co-organizer activities. Interactive/award-winning organization. such as doing some "interesting small survey, small test", XX Digital camera cup "Baby Show" network competition, please corporate title sponsorship small prizes (prizes do not have to be valuable, as long as the visitors useful on the line), visitors will often come to see the results, but also introduce friends. The promotion of the site does not necessarily cost a lot of money, a lot of strength, there are ideas, steps to operate, down-to-earth website content and service is the foundation of the promotion, this is very important.

Iii. Profitability

The website interaction is strong, the popularity comes up (this is the key), the careful merchant certainly will not miss you. Because of a prominent advertising recommendation, a well-meaning guide, brought to him are very direct effect.

In particular, the local portal station is a gathering of local popularity, this is not a matter of time, slowly save the flow of the popular, so that the site is strong enough, this site is lack of this spirit. The main is not enough energy, did not find the right team, so now the development is relatively slow.

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