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Keywords SEO fifth generation promotion station competition degree

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SEO is a promotional site can not be underestimated, and the success of SEO is largely from the choice of keywords is accurate. If there are flaws in the choice of keywords, chances are that you will face all the hard work. And for the choice of key words a lot of webmaster have their own way, judging the keyword competition way there are many species, if you simply from a point of view, it is difficult to reduce the error of interpretation. Based on this, the following is the "fifth generation" of this recharge software keyword as an example, analysis of how to identify the key words in multiple angles of competition.

One: Analyze the number of search results

When we type a keyword in the search box and perform a search, we can generally see the relevant search information on the search results page, along with statistics on the number of search results. We can use this number of search results roughly estimate the accuracy of the keyword, if the value of the larger, then the higher the accuracy of the existing. For example, we use Baidu search "fifth generation" search results of up to 25,700,000, then we can say that the word competition is not small. But one thing we need to be aware of is that there is a high degree of error in this approach, for example, if I search for "hello", a word with no commercial value, as many as 100,000,000 search results. Therefore, this method can only be used as a rough estimate.

Two: Analysis of intitle results

Using the intitle instruction is more accurate than the direct search keyword, because we search the keyword directly when the search results return the overall page has the word, the site's title may not have this keyword, may only appear occasionally on the page, such as: "National Day" the word, One sentence: National Day holiday, full 100 package mail. The Olympic bid is successful and the whole nation celebrates. The words "National Day" exist in all two sentences, but the meaning is quite different from each other. The word "National Day" for the second sentence is not the central word of the sentence. We can exclude him from the analysis. Another word to explain intitle: instructions, Baidu: "Intitle: The fifth generation" found the results of 883,000, Baidu "fifth generation" search results of 25,700,000. Therefore, the intitle command in judging the strength of the competition can also play a good effect.

Third: Analyze the number of bid promotion in SERP

Search engine profit is the main way is to bid advertising, generally some of the keywords have commercial value of the relevant bidding ads. In the same way, we can analyze the competitive strength of a certain keyword by the number of PPC ads in the search results. The following figure shows the "fifth generation" of the word search results of the auction advertisement.

We know that the search results of the top ads and the right side of the maximum add up to 16, if you search for a keyword, and then these 16 locations full, then we can say that this one keyword competition is unusually high. And we see the "fifth generation" of this keyword search results page in these 16 locations have been full of bidding ads, then you can say that the word competition is very high, you choose this word to do optimization when you think twice.

Four: Analyze what your competitor does

Is the so-called win, in the SEO competition, only thorough analysis of our competitors to better start optimization. We can analyze the choice of our competitors ' keywords, their key words as our reference, can save us a lot of analysis time.

Five: Analysis of the search results in the home page and the number of pages in the rankings

We search a keyword when we can analyze the top four pages of search results information, so to speak, if the first four pages are mostly within the page, then the word competition is very small, and vice versa the greater the degree of competition. Because the weight of the home page will be higher than the inner pages, if the search results in the first four pages rarely home information, then it can be explained that the word is very good to do, the competition is very low. We also look at the "fifth generation" of the top four pages of the search results information, we found that most of the information is the first page, it can also directly indicate that the word competition is very high.

The above five points is the author in the fifth generation of recharge software http://www.chym168.com/when the key words to choose a few new lows, I hope to help you webmaster.

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