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The external link is good or bad is the key word ranking important factor, for external links is the beholder, benevolent. Some people say that the external link in the blog content is bad external links, some people say high PR blog content in the link is a good place to keep the station, each have their own ideas!

Here are my 10 points for my small station ( to do outside the chain:

1, daily tasks, 1-3 links.

2, regardless of the other side of the station has no PR, see included, and then look at Baidu snapshots, generally 7 days away from the snapshot not to consider.

3, every day in 10 high PR blog each published a false original or original article, whether good or bad, with the keyword stroke link.

4, the daily operation recorded, half a month to check, found that the error in the work of the correction.

5, as far as possible every day to the Webmaster Network ( to publish related articles, to A5 Forum ( also to send.

6, in this station to do a few of the one-way link to the station, Admin5, im286, Sohu, 163, Sina (meaning that only in my station to do the other station link, the other station does not have this site link), heard a little help, so try.

7, the link must be the text, cannot be the picture, the link text is you to want the key word.

8, every day to check the unfriendly links and site is Baidu K link to the fastest speed to clear.

9, as far as possible and export links less than 50 of the station do link.

10, outside the chain of the site to participate in the Exchange chain, or link factory do not and he do friendship links.

Above 10 points is purely personal opinion, if has the different view, welcome pats the Brick!

By the way to celebrate my station keyword QQ web name climbed to the second page!

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