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We all know the inner page of the long tail keyword traffic accounted for a number of web site traffic, so what can I do to optimize our internal page to Baidu's homepage. Share the experience here

1, the 1th is our own home page weight to high. A high weight of the first page will be the weight of their own to pass to the inside page, so that our inner pages will also have a very good ranking. Of course, if the first page does not have high weights to begin to optimize the long tail, I think ... That's what everybody knows.

2, related articles within the chain of import, inside the page want a good ranking on the need to import related articles in Related keywords internal links. When we optimize the inner pages we need to optimize each page as an entire website. So it's not far from home. Of course, it is necessary to add some external chain. Don't bother, do SEO is so.

3, the choice of keywords, in the optimization of the page when the keyword as far as possible to choose some less popular keywords, if a key word home is someone else's homepage, we would like to use the page more than they so as soon as possible to give up. If you really want to use the inner page to win such a keyword, then only can wait for our homepage of the weight of the scary time. Like Admin5 random a tag page occupies a key word home is often the thing.

4, the choice of the label page, we are doing within the page optimization, it is best to select the label page to do is the aggregation page, another label page to do the words related to the bounce rate, click-through user experience will be better than some ordinary pages. But the label words cautious use, Baidu grasps tightly.

When a Web site traffic to reach the bottleneck of the long tail keyword is the best breakthrough, when our site occupies a large number of long tail keyword when it is no longer worried about the right to drop the home page. (Source: Mas-Micro Internet

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