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Hello everyone, I am a stone. SEO Blog is now the flood of flooding, every city has a lot of SEO blog, of course, the author also has a blog, but to tell the truth because of time and energy reasons, almost deserted, and occasionally write an article. And Zac and other well-known SEO experts, most of the Dick Silk SEO staff blog visits very little. Before I thought about the meaning of blogging, in order to take orders, for entertainment, or other? I think most SEO bloggers are in order to receive orders, so are trying to do optimization. However, if it is for entertainment and learning that does not matter, SEO blog overflow, seo article is rampant no one to see, then how to be their own SEO blog marketing out?

First: Do not write SEO articles for the sake of updating

Every day in order to update content and write SEO articles, after all, SEO class content is not so much, and now the SEO article overflow, the same thing is too much. such as TV series, the audience is tired of, such content can only give Baidu spider look, SEO article to seek quality and not quantity, want to use SEO blog to take a single friend should write good blog article. It is possible that the customer will contact you for an article, although not necessarily can be a single, but have consulted the customer is always a potential customer. The author of the blog before also done the "City +seo" and other keywords, and then do the first page after the discovery and no customer consulting me, and then think of the customer need to know when the SEO service, will not go to search for such keywords.

Second: Determine their own SEO blog user base

SEO Blog Number of tens of thousands of millions, how to make their own blog stand out, different? Of course, we can not meet the needs of all people, can only meet the needs of a part of the population. SEO industry can be divided into many small groups, for example: Medical seo, Enterprise station SEO, electric business seo, etc., such as: I mainly do SEO services for the Enterprise station SEO, and the enterprise station there are countless industries, have to do mechanical equipment, have to do decorative design. Each industry can tap a lot of potential customers, so we can write some SEO articles for an industry, the most important thing is to grasp their own user groups, individuals think SEO articles can have a certain degree of marketing.

Third: Use their own SEO blog marketing their own

Promote the purpose of the blog or marketing themselves, establish their own brand and image, while the blog article can also prove their strength, through a number of cases of analysis and explanation, so that customers gradually recognize your ability. This is easier to talk about business, of course, can not be empty said, to use the case to illustrate everything. This is the most direct and effective way, SEO blog exists meaning is to promote their own SEO services, the Internet has a huge customer resources. Just Trust is the biggest hurdle, not to make yourself a fake expert, but to give customers the reason to trust you.

To sum up, SEO blog's way out or worthy of everyone to discuss, should not write SEO blog? And the purpose of writing SEO blog? If you want to make your blog more of a fan and want more customers to focus on your blog, how are we going to do it? I am the old boy SEO studio stone, Welcome to add me q! this article by the Toothed Roll Crusher write reprint reserved address

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