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The word "Network Navy" comes out with the development of internet marketing, perhaps two years ago people were unfamiliar with the word. But in the last year or two, it is often possible to see the words "Network Navy", "five Mao party" in the Internet media, and many people hate or hate such a group of people. This is also the main topic of this article.

First of all, Cao Bin to discuss what is the network Navy. In fact, the network of the Navy is some of the network marketing planning company services to individuals or some of the temporary composition of the group. They are only in accordance with the network marketing planning company's decision-making to engage in complete accordance with the marketing planning company's instructions to do things. Say it a little bit. They are just some workers in the lowest level of the pyramid in the network marketing industry, they earn a little fortune through their own efforts, night and night to gain the network marketing planning company. Sometimes the task of emergency when the middle of the night are still in various forums, not like our ordinary netizens, every day in the forum linger. He is forced to wander around in the forum community, or even his next meal is not known there. And such a group of conscientious people, but now by this society is spurned, and they just happen to be the cause of our network marketing has made great contributions to the people.

Second, Cao Bin to discuss with you is the network marketing professionals, the current domestic network marketing practitioners of the quality can be said to be good and bad, some from the professional transformation of the Web site construction, some from the transformation of the public relations company and some other network-related industry practitioners transformed over. And this network marketing industry to the practitioners of the market and marketing creative requirements are relatively high, which gives the industry practitioners have caused a great survival pressure. At present, there is enough knowledge about the network, and the market has enough sense of the people have done in the industry, but also write people like to take shortcuts, play the Law of the edge to hype some competitors negative information, the impact of small words in the industry caused some turbulence, and the impact of a wide range of words caused some social unrest. Now the country does not give a clear law to prohibit, which requires our network marketing practitioners also self-management, to self-discipline, and strive to upgrade their professional ability, by the amount of less to go some crooked. Also netizens are a piece of quiet internet environment. Today's netizens have a great distrust of the Internet. Some network promotion companies have become difficult, assuming that our network is not as full of false information, perhaps we are doing online marketing promotion will be more relaxed and easier. Also our internet a quiet, stable environment. This is the responsibility of every online marketing practitioner, and that's what we have to do. Otherwise, when the relevant departments formulate relevant policies, the network marketing of the industry is more difficult to survive.

Finally, whether the network marketing practitioners or the network of the Navy, in the project, do not do something against the social stability of things, against their own conscience. At the same time to improve self-discipline, not because of the benefits of a moment to make regrets for life. Because regardless of any industry, when doing things must be legitimate and reasonable, worthy of their conscience. If not self-regulation, until the country to introduce policies and regulations to limit, it is even more difficult.

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