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To the layman's friend, may always have a kind of mystery to SEO, always think it is a similar hacker technology, I just pay and give you about three months of time ranking basically can stabilize up. Today for SEO How to charge this question I give you say my opinion.

Now the market is really doing SEO relative to some days ago, should be reduced, of course, this reduction is justified. In a very big way, is the search engine algorithm is not stable, especially now a Baidu open platform whether it is for the enterprise or webmaster individuals, this is undoubtedly a warning and hint. Traffic is not as good as it used to be, because sooner or later the words you optimize will be affected. Then, in addition to those resources are not very rich webmaster, experience may cost a lot, these two will be the current SEO webmaster the most important impact.

With these considerations, then our SEO optimization is no one to do? After all I mentioned above is the general direction, this may be to each station's influence will be different. Then according to the different webmaster and network companies we can roughly divided into the following types of charging methods

The first, perhaps the most people want to cooperate is the network company. Of course, this can not be said that the network company must be the most cattle, because we are a lot of Webmaster SEO Company in charge of it. Has many years of experience for SEO operation is not worse than the network company (Enterprise Station), so like this kind of company's SEO cooperation, the price above absolutely will not have too many advantages, because in the price when the cost of labor (a few people) and so on. Of course, there may be some resources and personnel adjustments, but one thing is certain that the network companies generally in the form of a team, the credibility of relatively good. So there will be a lot of friends choose SEO Company This believe also can understand, for the enterprise, we do not bad money, as long as the corresponding effect can be completed.

Again, our personal webmaster. Of course, the operation of the inside you must be careful, preferably in cooperation with an agreement or in a written form both sides to do the proof. After all, in the form of personal cooperation, perhaps more is the experience of Gu. Because it is a personal SEO operation, perhaps more is to use the resources on hand to take the station to do some SEO adjustment, this is also the majority of webmaster friends customary methods. Search engine algorithm is changing every day, I really do not know when the black chain of the market will slowly disappear. All in all, looking for personal cooperation from the price of SEO companies will be several times higher than the individual price.

I do not do seo, I only do traffic. This mode of operation may be relatively rare, because like this kind of stationmaster in the heart understand, some words are customer's own set. And the word may be more difficult to set, and it will cost a lot more than experience. So there is such a new cooperation, the reason for ranking. That is, in order to have the flow, have the flow to do the conversion. This model can also be to a large extent to persuade customers, generally willing to accept. So for us SEO, to do is the long tail keyword optimization, this can also bring benefits to the enterprise.

I only out of the program and SEO training This way is generally used for larger sites, need to do with the staff can also be called SEO consultant form. Of course, the premise is to this SEO can really get your approval, or start cooperation effect cannot reach, that is tantamount to no good. Of course, this kind of operation for customers, spend less money to hire a SEO (part-time) as long as the site has a problem or the ranking of floating and so on, this consultant will help the company solve the substantive problems.

On the above points, their fees are different, and some lion open the so-called sky-high prices are also some. For enterprises, the best way is to find local SEO and relatively have a certain operating experience of SEO individuals to cooperate that is the most advantageous. believe that a person to maintain five stations and a person to maintain a station effect is certainly not the same, this is the Enterprise team and personal SEO the biggest difference.

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