Teach the rookie imitation Station tutorial with the new cloud system

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In the Web site when you see a very beautiful site is not very exciting, want to take it for themselves? Some stationmaster still spends to call others imitate station?

In fact, imitation station is very simple, just read HTML and familiar with the system you use the label, imitation of a station is no problem, take a look at this tutorial, maybe you learned not to use money to ask others to help you imitate the station, in fact, I am not an imitation station master, just spent some time to learn, as long as you learn, The same can put other people's template to the end, good not wordy into the theme, but also will not imitate the station webmaster will slowly read slowly, perhaps you will.

I said, to imitate the station to understand HTML and your own use of the system label, I want to be a webmaster will not even these will not put, then I see that you are still rookie rookie, I see you still go to learn to learn in say, will the webmaster continue to see steps, step by step: I used the new cloud system to imitate

1. Look for your imitation of the site, I use this www.daimajia.com.cn website to introduce, this site template full of good OH

2. Open the website, we saw this site only 3 pages, home, List page, content page, so we imitate these 3 pages on it, create a folder on the desktop, open to imitation of the first page: Click on the site to the left of the file → another save, saved to the folder created, List page and content page the same way to save. Each page is saved with two files, one is the code of the Web page, a folder has CSS and logo, and so on, I want the Code and CSS page

3. Local open new cloud system, the saved home page code copied to the new cloud system template home code that save, then we open the site to see if the site is very messy ah, it is because not to save the CSS cover the new cloud template CSS, then we will cover it, New Yun css in the Skin folder, And then modify the path of the CSS, open the site seems to have a few things, uh, is some cosmetic pictures, then we use Notepad to open CSS, do not understand what we are looking for is () inside the file name. For example (123.gif), 123.gif is what we want, all have to, the next is to absolute path, look at the site logo attributes know, copy down the 123.gif cover logo name on OK, in the browser open, to the picture out, and then save it, the other same. To change their path in the code, finished, a touch the same as the first page came out, the same as the other pages of the saved code copied to the corresponding template can be, but those data is useless we have to use the label to replace it, the next chapter in the said ~ ~ ~ continued to focus on webmaster network starting.

Finally ad under my imitation station: www.qqscz.com

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