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The feud between MySpace and Facebook

Similar sites abound, a site can stand out in the same category depending on the product experience, product characteristics, marketing, marketing and luck. Some of the web site we can see a mountain capacity of two tigers, but recently some of the trend of internet companies seem to give a website on the survival and development of another answer.

Let's take a look at MySpace. MySpace, the originator of a large social networking site, was founded in August 2003 and has experienced a roller-coaster-style growth in the short 10 years. The website was launched in just two years after winning the crown of the world's largest social networking site and overtook Google to become the most visited site in 2006 years. But when it was 2008 that year, it was knocked over by Facebook and never got up from the Internet. Trees pour people, from ideas, to technology, to patterns, to operations, everything is wildly negative. The reality is brutal, but the new laugh, where the old people cry, Facebook this victory madly eats up the entire market, and with Twitter became a new benchmark for social media.

2011 MySpace was sold by News Corp to specific media and Emmy, Grammy's best singer, Justin Timberlake. The deal completely changed MySpace. In February 2012 they announced the addition of 1 million new users in January. MySpace will no longer be able to compare it to Facebook, not because of their size, but because of their goals. His current rivals are other online music service providers like Spotify, and his relationship with Facebook is more like cooperation. Based on Facebook's user data, MySpace has set up a vertical music-entertainment social circle (which seems to coincide with the musical lineage of its birth).


MySpace Music Player

MySpace accepted the amnesty of Facebook, which waved the banner of openness. It comes from Facebook, which is no pity, but it brings new opportunities. It is stupid to know that there is no diamond still to embrace China. Reputation, financial resources, user volume which is not Facebook's opponent, to say the worst, even to the Facebook shoe is not qualified, why do you have Facebook as a rival? What is MySpace's advantage now? There are 42 million singles in its music gallery, and Spotify has only 15 million. Of course, this is not entirely about the size of the library, but also related to the business model, after all, free online music playback has not been able to prove its success, but we can first leave the issue to the future.

MySpace is at least still alive, albeit with a thin lap (the number of employees from 1600 to today's more than 200), but quite bullish on its step.

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