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The president of the Berlin Film Festival, Dieter, was interviewed by Sina Entertainment President Dieter (right) likes the wine Berlin Film Festival President Dieter (right) bless Sina Weibo friends Sina Entertainment News at the International Film Festival who is the busiest person? Well-deserved, is the president of the Film festival, determine the general direction of the Film festival, choose the film, weigh the pros and cons, maintain the relationship, find new friends, do not forget the old people ... More importantly, we have to cut expenditure. February 10, 6 hours before the opening of the 61st Berlin Film Festival, president Dieter Kosrik has been intensively involved in public relations activities. After his arrival in Berlin in May 2001, he repeatedly broke the impression of a stereotype at the Berlin Film Festival and was described by his peers as "an interesting German old man".  He first appeared at the official sponsorship gallery of the Berlin Film Festival and, after visiting the stunning jewels, accepted our interview and responded with an exclusive response to many questions about the film festival. Question one: The stars are less faint: The new Generation Berlin Film Festival has a long history of embarrassing rumors, as it was held after the independence of Rotterdam, and the Oscars followed. At the three international film festivals, it was first held in Cannes and Venice, and there were a number of more intent films. Other film festivals may be chosen to look for greater market and media attention.  The Berlin Film festival has thus become increasingly "untimely". Dieter ignored the so-called embarrassing rumors, he only said: "The new generation, a lot of directors, and a lot of female directors are taking films to our film Festival." He pointed out that the Berlin Film festival's new push, not only to push the newcomers, but also to promote the new technology: "This is the first time in the history of the Berlin Film festival four 3D film entries and exhibitors, Vimal-Wenders also made a 3D film." I think you saw these 3D movies and you see the performance of these 3D movies in the Art theater, not just in commercial theaters. "Question two: Berlin no longer cares about Chinese element dieter: To ensure that more Chinese-language films are used to be the main course of the Berlin Film Festival next year, far from the Chinese capture of the number of gold bears and the sum of the entries, see nearly two years, the Chinese film Unlimited Scenery: Film festival in the opening ceremony for Zhang Ziyi birthday, Yu as the film Festival judges," reunion " Capture the Best Screenplay Silver Bear Award, each big unit is no lack of Chinese movies. This year, the Berlin Film Festival at the beginning of a new one, the finalists of a few films, are in the mainstream of the unit gag.  So Berlin no longer needs Chinese-language films. Dieter heard the relevant speculation, repeatedly shook his head: "We have less than two theaters, which is a great loss, so compressed the film unit, the film has become less." This will be 2013 years to recover, which is a great loss. However, I admit that this year the Berlin Film Festival is not getting bigger, but more concentrated, and our space is getting smaller. Although this year's Chinese films are very small, I promise to be able to do more next year. "He is obviously in two different units that can be simultaneously invited to Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige," he admits: "We welcomeThose old friends of the Berlin Film Festival, and those who took out all our bears, returned to Berlin. "Question three: the opening of the American film has been opened to save the popularity of Dieter:" Earth Thunder "is a good film The Brother Cohen is a major film festival regulars, its new" Earth Thunder "in 10 during Christmas in the United States, and in a very short time to break the Cohen brothers in North America's box-office record.  But the opening of an already-released film is not the norm for the three film festivals, especially Berlin, followed by Oscar, and industry insiders say, "The Berlin Film festival, in order to save popularity, let the red carpet look better, rather wronged themselves." Dieter completely disagree with this view, his idea, the opening film is not concerned about the degree, art clearance is the hard truth. He said: "Earth Thunder" is a good film, this is a funny film, the actor is very good, the female role is also very powerful, sometimes women than men and power. "Question four: Art 3D piece together dieter: show the gold content of the film 3D technology is not new, only because of its innovative road to follow the new trend of film development, and the use of 3D technology more popular, become a call to the audience a sharp weapon.  Compared to the previous 3D technology used in commercial films, the Berlin Film Festival choice of the 3D films are biased arts, although let 3D technology to try a new type, but the art of 3D to get together is not a good thing. After Dieter's explanation, he knew it was deliberate, and he said: "In a few years, 3D technology will be very common, and more people will use 3D technology to film." However, only 3D to make a movie, such a 3D film can only be gold. He further explained: "If you want to make a documentary about caves, the multidimensional structure of the caves can be visualized in 3D." "And he felt that Vimal-Wenders was doing something similar," he was making a dance film, not a documentary about dancing. The stage is like a cave, there is depth, can enter, can out, 3D has its meaning. "In order to convey the idea of not being 3D and 3D," he says humorously: "In Europe, couples kiss in cinemas, and if they wear 3D glasses, they are embarrassed." I don't want all the videos to be 3D, so nobody kisses. After faithfully discharging his duties, President Dieter got up and left, Non-stop to the next dating site.  Into the elevator, he was sitting in the elevator chair, the flow of fatigue, but look at our eyes, still full of kindness. After a brief stint with him, he retraced his 10 performance at the Berlin Film Festival, as Gertjan, the Rotterdam Film Festival, said: "He made the official Berlin Film Festival more open and flexible." Examples abound: the Genius training camp, the broad search for fresh blood, the consistent taste of the film festival, and the acceptance of innovation. Sina Entertainment Front report group from Berlin Zhao/Wen
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