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Weibo, which has long been thought to be better suited to "pull new", may play a more important role in corporate marketing. March 26, the charm in Sina Weibo started MX3 booking, #退个烧 Millet can also change the theme of the charm is very "micro bo", users from the appointment to buy the whole process can be completed on Weibo. From the initial forward lottery, to the millet burst flash purchase, and then to the charm of the combination of the attack, the company's understanding of micro-blog marketing has deepened, and micro-blog marketing has also been announced into the closed-loop era.

Weibo creates closed-loop advantages

March 24 @ The charm of the Technology release poster "3.26 look over", opened the prelude to the Flash. Two days after the MX3 Flash booking page on Sina Weibo online, the official sale will open on April 1.

Millet, Lok Vision, Mercedes-Benz and other manufacturers have launched a flash shopping activities in micro-blog. Compared with the previous few times, there are two major changes in the Phantom of the Family. First of all, subscribers can be letters before the formal purchase of a reminder, to prevent loss for reasons such as lost buying opportunities, enterprises do not have to repeatedly publish information in micro-blog, to avoid harassment of users. Second, the user will be micro-blog account and Alipay binding, simply two steps can be completed within the micro-blog payment, the charm in the appointment period to launch 1 cents to buy flyme consumption code activities, is to encourage users to experience the whole process of micro-bo payment in advance.


From the booking process on the March 26 day, the user sees the sale information on the microblog, directly enters the purchase page to make an appointment, participates in the 1 cent money to buy the activity to leaflets, pays, then will buy the information to share to the micro-blog, "Browse-interest-the next single-pay-share" the marketing closed loop already formed. Sina Weibo's fan headlines, Twitter payments and other tools play an important role. In the official purchase of April 1, users can also get the letters reminder, which is based on Sina Weibo's fan service platform completed, but also highlights the value of microblogging services.

The official micro-welcome the fan "to become the present" the opportunity

A total of only 2099 mobile phones, making this micro-blog flash shopping More like a marketing campaign. From the two days before the announcement of the event trailer, to the # to return to the burning millet can also change the theme of the family # and announced Samsung, millet, etc. can be folded to 500 yuan in the delivery of the challenge, plus one months ago Zang in micro-blog said "In addition to the millet phone, there is a better charm family mobile phone can choose", the whole process interlocking, Let the Charm clan and millet successful "conflict", is a successful microblog marketing.

The introduction of Weibo payments has provided a guarantee for the overall effect of the charm swap. Research has shown that each additional page jump, the user's risk of loss increased by 10%. A report from Analysys International also pointed out that net bank's payment success rate is about 60%, while the third party payment tool fast payment is as high as 90%, the latter can produce more than 40% of the sales. The charm of this flash purchase activities in micro-bonnet can be a single payment, no doubt the loss of users to the lowest probability. Micro-bo payment is through the binding with Alipay account, the latter is currently the largest third-party payment tools. The huge user base enables Weibo payments to meet the needs of most users with online shopping habits.

Because of this, this flash buys also let the enterprise official micro See "money". At present, there are 40多万家 enterprises in Sina Weibo open account, many enterprises and fans of the relationship has been more stable, and often through micro-blog marketing activities will flow into other platforms to achieve sales. After the micro-blogging payment link is perfected, users in micro-blog can be completed "Browse-interest-the next single-pay-share" the whole process, this way not only applicable to the enterprise micro-BO marketing activities, but also can become the official micro-operation of the normal, and then let the official micro-enterprises to become their own social power platform. This provides a huge space for the enterprise to "cash out" the fans.

The service consciousness promotes the officer's micro-"realization" ability

Fans "to become" possible at the same time, the operation of micro-blog business ideas are also facing "refresh." Most enterprises in the official microblog early on the line, all through the lottery or hand-hands quickly accumulate popularity. With the continuous operation process, some enterprises still use this way to maintain the activity of the official micro, has affected the user experience. After seeing the possibility of the fan "swarmed", again, it will only cause more harm to the users.

In this flash-shopping event, the intimate service of the charm family plays a key role in enhancing the user experience. @ The magic of technology first through the micro-Bo letters advance to the intended users issued a purchase reminder, payment is completed and through the letters to inform the delivery situation, users can also query the logistics information through micro-blog. This and the traditional electronic business site of arrival reminders, logistics inquiries and other common services are very close. Through Sina Weibo's fan service platform, enterprise officials micro not only can communicate with the fans point to point, but also for common problems to set up a customized query response, to achieve a diversified service means.

In fact, the user's service demand is more than the purchase demand, and the situation is more complicated. And as opposed to buying, users tend to share the process of receiving services, and their content has a greater impact on other users of social relationships. In other words, if the enterprise can not improve the service capacity of the official micro, the loss may cause more than the user lost so simple. Recently @ ping ' an zhaoqing, @ Beijing Subway and other government micro-blog to test water microblogging services, and achieved good results. If the company can provide high-quality service in the official micro-business, it will undoubtedly make the marketing closed-loop of Weibo more complete and the user experience better.

The power of marketing closures on social platforms is just emerging, and the outlook depends on the environment that the platform provides, and on the ability of the business to operate. In the dissemination of the value is fully recognized at the same time, micro-Bo opened the entire marketing chain, no doubt to bring greater development of the enterprise "money."

Text/Shang micro-credit public: yutuoorg travel power from the media, focus on the Internet, online tourism, social media marketing research. Personal micro-signal: YUTUO6, Welcome to Exchange.

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