The charm of "laughing and proud" Lake of the river in Hangzhou city night

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Martial arts culture for the love of Jiangnan water, especially in Jin Yong Master, and Jin Yong's preference for Hangzhou, especially in the "Smile Proud Lake" in. Mr. Jin Yong's later years of seclusion in Hangzhou, his yearning for Jiangnan, also has been contained in the novel, such as the ancestral pear wine, Mei dungeons are from Hangzhou. This also makes such a soft and hazy Jiangnan small city become "smile Proud Lake" in one of the town.  Today may as well let us come to the game in Hangzhou city, experience the dim beauty. "Far look prosperous" as the saying goes, there is heaven, under the Suzhou and Hangzhou.  West Lake, the blue waves like mirrors, weeping willows, the beauty of the scenery, as straight as the immortal situation. "Smile Proud River" game in Hangzhou city, feasting, brocade cluster grand, prosperous appearance, comparable to the capital. And at the beginning of the month, the noise receded, the twilight of the sparkling water on the surface of another Hangzhou, a beautiful, tranquil and bright interwoven beauty, with water unique moist flavor, relaxing all the troubles, lazy and do not know the way back.  No wonder there's always someone willing to retire those who are hiding the masters of the world to clean up the reputation and impetuous, enjoy "tea weaving ling kua ye, green flag Shan while pear" wanton intoxication, flawless sword, bloody, unknown Lake Road far, everything seems to disappear in this lantern swaying streets. The market is quiet, the lantern long Ming "near product charming" as a result of waterway developed, the ship became the main transport of Hangzhou city, the city's large and small pier bulkhead everywhere. Each row to a scene, you can disembark to play. Stop and go, or there is a strong street atmosphere around you.  Waves in the rippling river lights, swaying with the wind of the Lotus, slowly driving the boat, as well as each other playful cat, formed the most vivid real life picture of the Jiangnan water. The folk tease the cat, biological hundred states in the rain to listen to the piano, guess which hermit in this "player's stage" in the "laughing Proud" of the main city, will find a dedicated player of the play Chang, in that generation, is called "The Ring" place.  Whether it is the mafia to show off martial arts, or the people fight Zhaoqin, or master a contest, all need such a venue.  Hangzhou's ring, surrounded by stall and restaurants, is more like a good place to watch the play, of course, the director is you. Look, look forward to watching a good show 2011 years of the most popular martial arts games, "laughing proud" internal quality testing progress has been more than half. Basic test content of the overall clearance, not satisfied with the details are also being revised. With the adjustment phase of the test, more exciting content will be presented in one by one. For more information, please pay attention to play more games online news. (Edit/Zhang Lei)
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