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What is the core of modern network marketing? This is to do the network sales must be clear things, only so, large to product marketing, small to site settings, the heart can have clear direction and goals. The author believes that in today's mass information internet age, the core of network marketing in a "look for" word, "find" is the beginning of various acts on the internet, seize the "find", held the network marketing of the ear.

First, netizens in "find"

What do Internet users do?

They look for the information they need, find the products and services they need, find the entertainment and atmosphere they want, find ways to express themselves (Weibo, blogs), and find the people (social needs) to be in contact. But as a person, there are several problems in this search process: Who is the one who provides users with the content he is looking for? The second is to find the content of their own, and the third is to face the mass of content, how to identify?

Internet users want to get all the starting point of all he needs, is to "find", can find, to achieve his next move, network sales have the possibility of expansion. Find out what the netizens are looking for? It is very important for network marketing.

Search engines help Netizens "find"

If there is no search engine, the Netizen only through the website, the link, the website directory and so on to seek the information which he wants, this is extremely laborious and imprecise. Search engine to solve the difficulties of netizens, it to search for netizens. It uses keyword analysis to find pages that contain a variety of keywords and store them in categories. When users need, it is easy to search through the keyword to provide the results to netizens.

With the help of search engines, search has not been a big problem, but, in the face of massive information, readers can not read all, then how to identify these? Search engines not only help netizens find the information he needs, but also help users to identify the information. This is the search engine relevance analysis function, search engine through some internal rules, to find and judge the Web page and the Netizen through the search word expression of the relevance degree, the relevant degree of the page to rank the way priority to provide to netizens.

Search engine's "find" principle and rules, is the internet this big net game rule, all Research network marketing and network sale skill person must study and follow, this is what we call SEO.

Online sales are also "looking"

First, the site must provide their target customers with the information they need, product services, entertainment forms, expression channels and people who need to find contacts, in this process all through the "find" word.

The most basic function of a website is the collection and presentation of information. Even the small shops on Taobao bring together a specific picture and text for a product or service. But the big website, then in the information storage aspect more detailed more complete, it not only has the product or the service information, has some kind of product or the service relies on or derives the cultural information, or, these information, the culture itself is the commodity or the service. Most of this information is not proprietary to the site, many of which are "found" for customers in order to meet the deep needs of customers.

Because of the diversified needs of netizens, it is difficult to retain customers simply by providing a product or service website with poor stickiness. To this end, the Web site in order to provide users with some kind of product services, in the form of entertainment and the need for contact with the content of the time, it also needs to "find" a variety of related product services, entertainment and related groups, from other angles to fully meet the needs of netizens, as far as possible to retain customers, to achieve the maximization of network sales interests.

Second, the site must ensure that search engines can find themselves.

In search engines so important today, can let search engines find themselves, included in the page, and will own a good ranking to the needs of their own netizens and customers, is the site can survive and development of the foundation, but also network marketing and network sales skills starting point.

This is also a "find" problem, because only when the search engine that your site provides the most appropriate content for the target group, it will feel that it "find" the right, it will be possible to give your site priority to the target group. This requires that network marketing not only to find the most appropriate content for customers, but also to tell the search engine-it found! This is the task of SEO.

Third, through a variety of ways to find the target customer's network sales skills. Although the search engine is the main tool to achieve "find", network marketing can not only rely on it, to explore a variety of effective ways, through other channels to find customers, expand the number of target customers. Now there are a lot of ways, such as the establishment and use of targeted customer focus forums, QQ groups, the development of targeted clients as the main micro-blog, blog fan groups, using social networks to look for the same problem of people and so on. This is still the word "find".

To sum up, in today's internet age, "find" is all the starting point of network behavior, but also the core of network marketing research, so, do network sales people to seriously study what the Netizen "find", How to "find"? Also study the search engine's "find" rules, and also study how the site "find" customers. Only by seizing the "find" can we win in the Internet age. This article by the telephone sales skill to seek the blade original, original is not easy, reprint please keep the link.

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