The disadvantages of optimizing the website of Small and medium-sized enterprises

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First, the blind pursuit of beauty, in the page appeared too many pictures and animation

1, a lot of web sites, because the content of the site itself is relatively small, many sites have taken through the visual impact to achieve, so that the feeling of a refreshing audience

2, the logo uses the flash, the navigation uses the animation. At the top of the page buckle a big hat, the whole hat is a painting, at the very beautiful look

3, these factors, are to search the crawler a kind of understanding, here is an animation, this is a picture, and very can, picture even a note, robot had to say: I do not know here (Non-mainstream QQ space)


Second, still use the more outdated Table Web site architecture, the site performance of the style and content did not achieve a good separation, redundant code more; The Web site does not consider static.

1, the biggest role of Div, is to be able to use the site to express the style and Web content can be very good separation, so as to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of the page, so that the content of the Web page more

Add clarity. However, this is no wonder, now in the construction of the technical staff, the table with the structure of people than with the div more than a lot of people, so it produced, relatively more

The web site of the table schema. Redundant code, in many sites, can be found.

2. A function or style that can be implemented with a short statement is used in a complex process. Many people are not clear about the default attributes in Web language, and tend to put the default properties

Also marked out, adding to the complexity of the code.

4, HTML language is not standard use.

H1 for all search engines, because Baidu's kernel is based on some of the rules of GG written ~ so H1 to Chinese search engine optimization is also applicable

Third, the website content is most small and medium-sized Enterprise website existence problem (as the small and medium-sized enterprise, the content of the website is always not so many, this is also no wonder, not little point of a small factory, small company, where there are so many things happen every day)

Four, the website lacks the management personnel, does not have the website to carry on the timely update (many enterprise's website, does not carry on to go up immediately after, has not carried on any renewal, has not any change. "Stagnant water cannot raise fish")

Five, small and medium-sized enterprises are SEO awareness. (Misunderstanding: I have contacted a lot, intend to do optimization of the people, they will tell me, my site is under construction, and so on the website to do the online, and then took

To optimize. Site in the early days of construction, you should consider the factors of SEO, SEO more details to consider in, because "after all" better than "rainy day" with better

Of course, in the SEO step-by-step to today, we have a lot of web site construction companies are gradually taking into account the SEO, the search engine optimization to do market expansion and a new buy point, which is

Good, the overall quality of the Chinese website will be greatly improved.

The above 5 points, is my summary of the shortcomings of the small and medium Enterprises website, I said below, the optimization process should notice the details.

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