The five most effective ways to increase user stickiness in a small number of forums

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Forum as a unique interface and structure, especially user-friendly interaction and exchange of the form of the site, since the date of birth has been widely welcomed. There are countless users of the webmaster whether it is entrepreneurial or interest to build stations have taken the form of a forum, and by virtue of their excellent operation has created countless forum-oriented successful site, which includes for everyone familiar with the outstanding sites in various fields, from Tianya, West Shrine Hutong, Mop community, to A5 Forum, Webmaster Forum, outdated forum , as well as many other well-known forums in various fields and topics, have created successful cases of website operation. In this, the promotion of the success of the forum is a key core element is the forum users, for the user's attractiveness and mobilize the enthusiasm of users, thus forming a lively discussion forum atmosphere, is a forum for the success of the necessary elements. Therefore, how to enhance the user's stickiness, every forum operator should attach great importance to the subject.

There are many ways to enhance user stickiness, but according to the survey and research of the famous forum site, I aggregation the five most common and successful forum sites to prove their effectiveness, and share them here. These methods are successful forum webmaster in practice and many forum managers together groping out, so for all other areas of the forum operation of various topics have a strong guiding role, but also for the operation of the site webmaster has a reference, I hope that the webmaster site operations have a little inspiration.

Method One: The establishment level concise and clear member level system.

The first network words such as "prawn", "Rookie", "" irrigation "are from the forum-early known as electronic bulletin board, from these early internet words can be seen in the forum has been" spontaneous consciously "to form a" seniority "in the" ranked by the ranks of "style of forum ranking characteristics, The early level system was formed among the members. With the development of the Forum, in particular, the success of the forum as an example, they have created and maintained a set of their own system, reasonable grading, clear management of the membership hierarchy, this hierarchy can effectively promote the enthusiasm of members, in order to increase the forum qualifications, become a forum more qualified or some aspect of the role of expertise and efforts, thereby increasing the member's active degree and stickiness.

Method Two: Using the "eyeball effect" of the force of the activity to maintain stimulation.

The most important feature of the forum is that it can create the most active atmosphere, the formation of a unique culture, which is the core or the cornerstone is a large number of member users, how to keep their freshness to the forum, to maintain the vitality of members, is to increase the stickiness of users, to keep the forum attractive important way. Learn from successful sites like the A5 forum, daily preparation of the second kill activities to "real gold and silver" money-giving action to stimulate users, so that the forum members feel the daily surprises and stimuli, there are more large forums of second kill, Rob Building with the iphone, the ipad as a prize for the goal is no more than this, It can not only produce the attraction to the new members, but also enhance the attraction and incentive to the existing members.

Method Three: The stimulating function of virtual currency such as forum integral is cleverly played.

In addition to the more fixed incentive model of membership level, another forum that can not be neglected the form of incentive is the forum in the representative of the virtual currency, the integration of reasonable settings, such as through the post and promotion of the Forum, through the Forum to participate in the topic of discussion, participate in forum activities, help others answer questions and other ways to get points, The integration System is formed and it is more important to find a reasonable and effective way for the use of the integral, for example, it is used to download the high quality resources, to improve the membership level and authority, to be used for cash or gift exchange at a fixed time, So you can use the real benefits to motivate members to obtain points through the above channels to promote participation in the above activities, increase the user's stickiness.

Methods four: Regular organized line under the theme activities to enhance user attention and participation.

The forum to achieve the ultimate success, to maintain membership is a successful begotten. In order to stay attractive to members, allow members to maintain the Forum's attention and participation, enhance stickiness, learn from the success of the Forum's experience, forum operators can use various festivals or specific time to organize "theme" party, can be online activities, can also be offline activities, The goal is through activities to enhance the enthusiasm of members, so that more members to participate in, maintain a good active state, while the use of activities to further enhance the impact of the Forum for the development of new members to expand influence is also a good way. In addition, through related activities to achieve a certain income, of course, from the cooperation with the merchants, can not damage the interests of members, this point in the future of the Forum on the profit of the discussion.

Method Five: Through various member appraisal activity enhances to the member "the Subjectivity" respect and the emphasis.

In a variety of ways to increase the stickiness of forum users, all permeated with a core of ideas and principles, that is, the active encouragement and attraction of members, guided by this principle, there is a wide range of well-known forums are widely used in the selection of activities, through the establishment of a number of awards and names, By encouraging members to vote in the way, the selection of monthly, quarterly, annual outstanding members, like A5 each layout will be held on a regular basis of outstanding member selection activities, through the kind, cash, medals, Forum points and other forms of reward, stimulate members for a variety of rewards or honors efforts, At the same time, through the selection activities to enhance the cohesion of the forum, increased interaction between members and exchanges, to achieve more than the effect of the vote, at the same time to participate in the voting members to give incentives, so that the scope of the award extended to further enhance the user's stickiness to the forum. This article from the Hangzhou Driving School Network: A5, the original article Hard-won, I hope that we reprint the retention link, which is to their own respect is also respect for others, thank you!

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