The Grand Theatre invites Zhang Yimou to direct the drama of Beijing Opera "Spring and Autumn"

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Zhang Yimou (information picture) Sina Entertainment News 2011, two well-known film director Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou will launch stage works.  Following art announced that the drama "Spy" together with Feng Xiaogang, the National Theater deputy Dean Deng Yijiang also held on February 15 at the Grand Theatre annual ventilation meeting, to the media: this year the Grand Theatre will invite Zhang Yimou director to direct Peking Opera "Spring and Autumn", the play will be launched in December as the Grand Theatre Academy Celebration Zhang Yimou has been involved in stage works for the Grand Theatre directing the Beijing opera. In 2001, Zhang Yimou directed the ballet "The Red Lantern hung High" for the central ballet. 2007, Feng Xiaogang planned the "mange" for the Beijing Contemporary Ballet. This year, the two filmmakers in the film Circle are again entering the theatre. In addition to filming the new film, they will also be introduced to separate stage works. January, Beijing Art has announced that Feng Xiaogang will join hands with song to direct the drama "Spy" in the first half of the year.  February 15, Deng Yijiang, vice president of the National Theater, told the media at the annual ventilation meeting of the Grand Theatre: this year the Grand Theatre will invite Zhang Yimou to direct Peking Opera "Spring and Autumn" as the Grand Theatre Academy celebrates its December debut. 2011 Grand Theatre "drama" In addition to the Beijing opera "Spring and Autumn", the National Grand Theater also plans to launch in 2011 original opera "Zhao Orphan", "Sun Yat-sen", original drama "Wangfujing" and the production of Western classical Opera "Tuscany", "bat", "Serbian Barber". While guaranteeing the launch of the new original repertoire and the amount of performance, the Grand Theatre will also be in 2011 in the performance planning work, the introduction of the celebration of the 90 anniversary series of performances, opera festival, the first Beijing International Ballet choreographer competition, the May Music Festival, August Choral Festival, International Piano series, stroll Classic series, Chinese drama Classic Review, Western contemporary theatrical performances, international children's drama season, "Pearl Orchids" and five major local opera performances. Tri Yijia/Wen
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