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Yesterday wrote the first lesson of the course, received the support of well-known bloggers such as Dong Shijun, but also for Mo Shi trillion in the blog opened a special topic, in this one thanked. Yesterday, when the Internet is becoming more and more mature today, soft wen marketing has become the mainstream of the way, there have been a lot of soft writing, while the major webmaster in order to increase the direction of the link, promote the network brand, has learned the soft wen marketing, but the online soft writing guide books are almost no, the author looked for a long time also did not find, Finally in the Webmaster website popular Some encrypted e-books, can not see, so Mo Shi trillion germination of their own soft writing to share these days, so that webmaster friends free to read some cases and experience, although said not everyone is suitable, but hope to play a certain role.

Soft paper marketing writing needs material, such a summary of the language can be completed a basic soft wen, then we write the material where to find it, the author of this method is quite a lot, yesterday in A5 see a friend Heguijiang on their own soft writing monthly income of more than 3,000 experience to share, The author is also more in favor of the collection of soft materials that he shares. Today Mo Shi to share a little bit about soft marketing writing entry required: Material collection and collation and use, the material is an important part of the whole soft text, the classic material can make soft text full of poetic, just like the author of the teacher said the use of verses, famous sayings and other principles are the same, the material is skeleton, and organizational language is blood, Integration will create a living creature.

Collection and collation of soft writing material

The accumulation of material mainly stems from the author's own reading accumulation, through continuous reading, constantly summed up in his mind to form a basic outline of the story, whenever used, in your reading amount of influence, naturally will appear such fragments, and then through the brain to sort out, The method of material collection can refer to the following means:

1. Through Reading Blog blog: This is a good way to write webmaster type it soft, through reading other people's articles, and others to resonate, accumulate other people's methods, when their own writing can be used.

2. Analysis of existing soft texts. You can see in webmaster Net every day a lot of webmaster for soft paper submission, then the manuscript will be quite a lot, we need to do is to learn how other people are writing, the whole idea of the article is what, such as the author of this article is through the state of the soft text, and then to the collection of soft materials, in the collection of detailed methods of subdivision.

3. Through the classics of the repeated reading and then the article ideas to expand. The author in the earlier, to Dong Shijun wrote a Mo Shi trillion: Talk about the advantages of SEO diagnostic optimization service, it caused a lot of webmaster to the extension of the article, some modified into the superiority of the soft, some even directly to the author's name after the original rampage Internet.

How to apply soft writing material to soft text

The collection and collation of material is a simple work, more than everyone out of the chain is easy to go outside, but after the material has been sorted out how we should put her into our article has become a difficult problem, first of all, the author analyzes the similarity of soft text structure, many of the same article structure and narrative, the thing to say clearly, the middle word is not enough, Add an example to illustrate, this time our material is not used, hehe.

1. Use the material directly to launch the discussion. The material has a short length, then we can apply it to the instance type, for example, recently Baidu Google has a big update, this is a factual example of the material, then we can be launched into a common soft wen, how Baidu is updated, Google PR value is how from 0-10, Such extensions are a deep use of the material.

2. Insert the example smoothly in the article. You can look back at the beginning of the author's article, is to use directly to a thing, this is a simple soft text cut, many times when we are in the writing, will use the example, common examples such as writing webmaster experience, will enumerate example, this time direct use also can let the reader take it for granted.

3. The example is divided into coincidence. This requires a clear idea, such as when the author wrote this article in the previous mention of the collection of materials, but there is no detail, in the middle again, that is, the material is split, to the back of the overlap, such benefits guide readers to read the article, the meaning of soft marketing more interpretation.

The second lesson is to share the material, but also to teach you to create and use, but a lot of material, important or the idea of the article expressed, such as the author of this article, in fact, can not be defined as a soft text, because the essence of communication is the soft writing material collection and application, such articles can attract readers to learn. The third course carries on the analysis to the soft article marketing writing structure, looks forward to everybody's attention!

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