The investment domain name as far as possible only makes the fine purposeful investment domain name

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Some people ask me how is the fine domain name! In fact, I do not know how to write casually.

In fact, this problem requires a domain name investors such as the overall growth of the experience, and your own cultural quality, as well as personal creativity and vision of high and low. For example, These are fine do not have to suspect! But this kind of rice is really very few. Since there is no I suggest that the Rice House does not have to throw a note. We can also make creative rice can also be a boutique. For example Qihoo ">qikoo

Although there are a lot of fine products. But in fact, the investment domain name or to avoid Chinese and foreign to fight the creative domain name. Unless you have the ability to make a Google out of technology. This is ponderation again.

Registering a domain name is best to have a purpose. So I am very disgusted with those who sweep rice and the expiration of the meter is cut off without any target of the registered person.

On the purpose of registering a domain name, for example, we register for a business domain name. For example, we play a double spell. For example, we played with the area code. These are the very clear direction of investment into the rice market. And for what is the best domain name. I suggest that you study the culture of the world and the ancient legends.

Learn more about the world language. So you have a much bigger eye. Naturally have the opportunity to invest in a boutique domain name than others thousands of past the million registered domain name (

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